Following a detox, many people feel fully recovered and that the difficult part is behind them. The detox process can be intense and challenging, but so too is the Post Detox period when you have to deal with cravings and old life patterns. During this critical time, you must maintain your discipline and get the help you need if required. This can all be achieved with an intensive outpatient treatment option that gives you excellent post-detox support. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment 

How To Address Addictions Post Detox

If you have followed a successful detox program or have a mild to moderate addiction coupled with commitment and motivation, you might benefit from intensive outpatient treatment. The treatment offers a structured regime, similar to the type you might find in a residential home. It allows you to attend to your job and family life whilst also maintaining your recovery objectives in a controlled way. Post-detox is a dangerous time for relapsing, so it’s useful to have professional support available. 

Outpatient Services Available 

Following your detox, you may feel like the hard work is behind you, but it has only just begun. It’s now time to handle the triggers, stresses, and habits that caused the addiction in the first place. You can take advantage of outpatient services such as Group counseling, Individual therapy, Family counseling, Detoxification, and Medication management. As an intensive outpatient, these services are available to you when you need them to help you stay clean.

Effective Support Networks 

Staying clean following a detox can be extremely hard work, especially as an outpatient when confronted with familiar stresses and triggers. That’s why it’s a good idea not to do it alone. An effective support network can offer encouragement as well as advice to prevent you from relapsing. An effective support network for outpatients can include doctors, consultants, advisors, and experienced professionals from the treatment center. If you ever need extra support for your addiction, you need to turn to your support network first. 

Commitment to Treatment 

When you’re in recovery, you need to stay focused on your goal of long-term clean living. It won’t be easy at first, especially flowing your detox and entering your life again for the first time. This is a critical time for your recovery as you are most vulnerable to relapse. During this time and in the weeks and months that follow, you must commit to attending your appointments and following your program. It is likely your commitment to treatment may be lifelong, depending on the nature of your addiction. 

Get the Help you Need 

As an outpatient, you will have to work hard to maintain your sobriety, especially when presented with familiar people and situations that may trigger your addiction. You can work on changing your habits, routines, and lifestyle to encounter more positive stimuli, but you will still have to exercise strong willpower. It’s important to get the help you need if you falter or feel tempted. As an outpatient, you will have access to the services you need, even a center, if you need to go back. 

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