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Residential Inpatient Drug Rehab in Kentucky

The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery is dedicated to providing evidence-based, high-quality residential inpatient treatment  for residents in Kentucky and beyond.

A Strong Foundation for Lasting Recovery

About Our Residential Inpatient Drug Treatment In Kentucky

Reframing how we see addiction allows us to better treat it.

For the longest time, the world viewed addiction as squarely the fault of the user. An inability to control themselves, a lack of discipline and personal responsibility, just not caring, or a whole host of other condescending and oversimplified nonsense.
“Addict” was an epithet, the equivalent of a 4-letter word, and was used solely to denigrate and downgrade a person.

This view, that of a pure moral failing and no self-control, was the prevailing narrative and the only accepted view for years. Decades and even centuries. The consequences of it were dire, those with substance abuse disorders were castigated and shunned, with scarce options for treatment with the “solution” being punishment and prison.

Recently, just in the last half-century really, the story has changed and the picture has become more complete with the help of more vigorous scientific digging. The very definition of addiction, medically speaking, has changed. It’s now recognized as a complex brain disorder and a mental illness.

To see the seismic shift, look no further than the fact that the National Institute on Drug Abuse, our federal research institute dedicated to this space, was only founded in 1974.

That brings us back to reframing, the dramatic change in how society looked at addiction also precipitated a monumental move in how treatment was approached. To be honest, it wasn’t just how treatment was approached, it was that it opened the door for the very concept of treatment itself.

As more and more research is done, we’re able to learn more and more about the nature of recovery and how to treat it. Among the best ways to overcome addiction and walk the path of lasting sobriety is through dedicated and robust treatment tailored to your personal needs.

The wonderful thing about this day and age is that not only are there many types of treatment which we’ll touch on below but our Kentucky drug & alcohol rehab center make it even more convenient to get the care you need right here in your own backyard.

Treatment For Drug Abuse: What Its Like For Your Addicted Husband
"The team at the Robert Alexander Center helped my son after numerous attempts at recovery. Thanks to their program, our son is coming up on 1 year of sobriety"
Maria M.
Loved One
Why Is Addiction a Family Disease?
"I am forever grateful to the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery for giving me the opportunity to learn how to recover. My life today is beyond my wildest dreams."
John D.
Tips for Parents: How to Help a Drug Addict Son
"RAC was my first rehab experience and I hit the jackpot. The staff here is incredible. Super welcoming, understanding, and helpful. They really want to see you succeed in your sobriety and life. The facility is new and always very clean. I can’t recommend this place enough!"
Nick N.
12 Step Addiction Treatment
"This facility is absolutely amazing. The staff are experienced and caring. The amenities are impressive. The assistance given to all of us is invaluable. Therefore, they have my highest recommendation."
John C.
Family Support
"RAC is an amazing facility with an even more amazing staff. The level of care is second to none. The program offers a variety of recovery directions. Covering mental, physical and spiritual aspects. Highlights for me included meditations, yoga, kickboxing and therapy. If you are suffering, call RAC and they will help you! Thanks RAC!"
Craig A.
Family Support
"Five star staff. Every group is amazing from directors to janitors. Highly recommend to anyone struggling. This is the best treatment center I have ever experienced out of 6 residential centers I have been too."
Patricia C.

How we Help

We provide evidence-based treatment for addiction.


Here at The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we offer safe & effective medical detoxification services.

Residential Inpatient

The residential inpatient program at RAC was designed to treat each client's unique needs when dealing with addiction.

Aftercare & Alumni

From planning outpatient treatment to sober living, RAC offers clients the tools needed for long-term success in recovery.

Understanding Inpatient Treatment

What Exactly is Residential Inpatient?

Let’s break it down.
First of all, inpatient and residential inpatient treatment aren’t quite interchangeable terms. The core idea is similar though.

Inpatient care, in general, is a type of treatment where you live in the facility. You’re fully immersed in recovery and it’s where all your focus and attention stays until you finish. No outside distraction or temptation.

The distinction with respect to “residential” inpatient care almost exclusively boils down to the facility itself.

Standard inpatient care is the most intensive variety and usually the first step after medical detox in Kentucky. It’s all about getting to a stable footing both physically and mentally and it has a much more medical/hospital feel often with a stay of 1 to 3 months.

Residential implies exactly what you’re likely thinking. You still live in the treatment center but it’s a starkly different experience. For starters, the clinical vibe is gone and you’re in a much cozier and homier environment. You have more freedom and the structure isn’t quite as rigid while still honoring the prescribed treatment program. This phase typically lasts longer and you can think of it almost as a long transition period to acclimate and recalibrate to a sober life.
Our inpatient drug rehab in Kentucky has a luxuriously modern ambiance with all the amenities you would need so you can keep your attention squarely on the work of rehabilitation.

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We Work with Most Major Insurance

Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Kentucky

What to Expect During Inpatient Rehab

Whether it’s residential, or otherwise, the predominant trait or characteristic that defines inpatient care here at our inpatient rehab in Kentucky is the emphasis on the mental aspects of addiction that we know are so crucial.

This is where the individual and group therapy happens, the counseling and ultimately real work of rehab happen.

The evidence-based programs at our drug treatment programs in Kentucky are created in tandem with you and built to suit your circumstances by our team of compassionate and licensed professionals.

What are my treatment options?

Inpatient vs. Outpatient:
Where Do I Start?

Now that we’ve covered the difference between residential inpatient and inpatient care, let’s dive into outpatient rehab in Kentucky.

Keeping with the transition analogy, outpatient care is usually the step after inpatient. The focus is still on the mental side of addiction and you’ll be continuing with your various therapies however the difference, and it’s a big one, is that you no longer would live in. You’d be commuting from your home or sober living house for those sessions.

The answer to where you would start isn’t as simple to give a blanket answer for.


Because every person and their circumstances are unique.
A one size fits all solution is essentially equivalent to having no solution. If your addiction to opioids, for example, is incredibly severe, the structure of your program from detox all the way through to aftercare would look starkly different than someone with a milder alcohol use disorder.

Typically though, inpatient care would be the best starting point as it allows for the deepest and most thorough care but again, the same shoe doesn’t fit every foot.

Insurance can help pay for rehab.

We Work with Most Major Insurance Providers

The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery's Inpatient Program

Our Inpatient Drug Rehab in Kentucky at the Robert Alexander Center

Our inpatient drug rehab in Kentucky is your home away from home for getting back on your feet.

At RAC we’ve created an inviting, warm, and welcoming space that allows you to leave the diversions and disruptions of your daily life behind to focus squarely on the task at hand: recovery.

Staffed by specialists well versed in the latest therapy modalities, there’s not a more thorough way to get where you’re going than with a holistic approach to treatment like we employ.

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Nestled in northern Kentucky, just outside of the hustle, bustle and clamor of Louisville, our inpatient program is catered specifically to what ails you. Remember, staying clean is crucial, and at our inpatient drug rehab in Kentucky, our goal is to build a solid foundation of sobriety and equip you with the tools to maintain it. Reach out to us to learn more details.

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