Many people tend to underestimate the significance of addiction treatment. Addiction treatment and education entail a wide range of treatment modalities – outpatient, inpatient treatments, and support groups. Every step of addiction treatment is vital for the recovery of an individual.

Addiction is categorized as a chronic disease that needs ongoing care. The first step towards recovery is usually acknowledging that addiction is a problem in your life. Once you have realized the negative impacts of addiction, it is now time to seek treatment. For most substance abuse clients, the treatment might last for a long time, but it will meet their needs.

Various treatments are available, and most people experiencing addiction can have the treatments combined. At Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, our main concern is helping families and individuals heal from substance abuse damage. We offer guidance on the most effective program to start your journey to recovery. This is just one reason why Kentucky is a great addiction treatment location for New Hampshire residents.

Available Treatment Options

Detoxification services for New Hampshire Residents

This is usually the first step in addiction treatment. It entails clearing the substance from the body. The main objective of detox is to carefully manage the symptoms of withdrawal when you stop using drugs.

The medications we use in detoxification help keep you comfortable while the drugs get out of your body. We offer all our patients who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms extra supervision, monitoring, and medical interventions. Our medical detoxication services are safe and effective; this is another reason why Kentucky is a great addiction treatment location for New Hampshire residents.

Residential inpatient for New Hampshire Residents

We have a residential inpatient program that is devoted to your recovery journey. SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) stated that 25,428 people were hospitalized to Kentucky drug and alcohol programs in 2010.

Our inpatient program requires you to stay at our facility for the rest of your time in treatment. The inpatient program gives clients the chance to recover with a structured schedule and professional staff. Our intensive inpatient services also allow the clients to be fully involved in their treatments.

Outpatient Programs for New Hampshire Residents

Substance abuse and alcoholism is a big problem to many Kentuckians. This problem not only affects an individual but the whole family and the community at large. Overcoming addiction and remaining sober can be challenging, particularly if you have other responsibilities and cannot go to rehab.

Our outpatient program is suitable for people who want to be sober but need flexibility and a program to work around their calendar. The outpatient services we offer are another reason why Kentucky is a great addiction treatment location for New Hampshire residents. We offer:

  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Relapse prevention
  • Medically assisted treatments

Intensive Outpatient for New Hampshire Residents

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are addiction treatment programs used to address substance abuse issues that do not need detoxification or continuous supervision. Our IOPs allow our clients to continue with their regular life routines.

Aftercare Planning for New Hampshire Residents

Addiction treatment is a long process that will continue even after you have finished treatment. What happens to you after the treatment is over is found in the aftercare plan. Aftercare will include interventions, activities, and resources to help you cope with stress, craving, and triggers that might be there after treatment.

The aftercare plan will vary depending on an individual’s needs because a personalized approach is a key to permanent success. Our aftercare plan at Kentucky takes place before your treatment is over. Aftercare plans usually include:

  • Alumni programs
  • Sober living homes
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Family and continued therapy
  • Support groups

Family therapy for New Hampshire Residents

The choice to start consuming alcohol and drugs might be an individual decision; however, the impact is extensive. It affects the whole family, friends, and the community at large. Learning that a member of your family is experiencing addiction can be emotionally overwhelming.

This is why family therapy is an essential element of the addiction treatment program at Robert Alexander Center for Recovery. We help family members understand how they can be affected by addiction and provide them with information and recourses to help them repair and recover their relationships. The key members of the family targeted in family therapies include those who:

  • Provide support
  • Keep the household
  • Provide financial sustenance
  • Have a strong emotional bond with the client

Get Help Now!

Beating the habit of consuming drugs and alcohol is a significant achievement. You have to be proud of it. However, you won’t know the magnitude of your addiction unless you can recognize the addiction and its impact on your family. If you are concerned about your addiction or your loved one, contact us for more information. You can help them get addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

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