Rehab for Street Drugs In KentuckyUnlike traditional drugs like heroin or cocaine, not a lot is known about street drugs, by the masses. There are so many wrongly innovative drugs that are being developed on the street, that it’s hard to keep up with the latest substances. They are just as destructive and dangerous as mainstream drugs we’re so used to hearing about; if not more. They are usually made up of what we would consider household items or chemicals that we use for things like cleaning or bathing. Dealers design these drugs, lace them with addictive substances, and cut them up to spread them far and wide. But fear not, there are ways you can help someone get off such drugs and return to their normal ways. At Robert Alexander Center we offer rehab for street drugs in Kentucky.  

Laced drugs

rehab for street drugs in Kentucky Street dealers are lacing cigarettes and marijuana with a chemical called formaldehyde. It’s a carcinogenic substance that is incredibly harmful and not to be consumed. It can cause cancer among other things such as sudden panic and hallucinations. Embalming fluid is also something dealers are using to lace marijuana and this can cause similar effects. Dealers call this ‘wetting’ a cigarette or joint, and the nicknames for it are often ‘rocket fuel’ or ‘angel juice’. Coping techniques involve gradually stopping smoking and going onto vapers instead. Natural highs such as sports or activities that raise adrenaline levels are encouraged as a substitute. Exercising regularly to wash your system of toxic fluids is something we recommend.

Potential poisons

rehab for street drugs in Kentucky Rodenticides and insecticides often come in white powders and can look just like cocaine. They can be used to cut up drugs like cocaine and heroin which in turn have increased potency and worse side effects. Dealers seek to do this because it increases the volume of the powder and stretches their drugs further, enabling them to make more money. Poisons designed to kill rodents and insects are naturally lethal and can cause serious harm to anyone ingesting them. Couple this with already dangerous white powder drugs and you have a concussion very detrimental to a user’s health. This is something we treat at our Kentucky State Drug & Alcohol Recovery Treatment center. 

Fentanyl opioid

There’s an opioid crisis in the country and one of the leading substances being abused in this regard, is fentanyl. It’s prescribed as a painkiller for those with severe pain and chronic pain conditions. It can be taken in liquid form or chewed, smoked, or via a patch. Fentanyl mixed with other drugs can be a very addictive and euphoric drug. The side effects on its own are vomiting, dizziness, insomnia, and nausea. Mixed with other drugs like heroin, it can cause a lot of mental health problems and physical deterioration. 

Laundry detergent

Laundry detergents contain acidic substances which are naturally potent to wash away stains and bacteria. Mixed in with other powder drugs like cocaine, they are extremely harmful. They can cause severe difficulty breathing and even vision loss. At our treatment center, we develop unique rehab plans for our patients and get to the bottom of the root causes of why they are taking such dangerous volatile drugs.

If you, or a loved one, are suffering from addiction and are in need of rehab for street drugs contact Robert Alexander Center today.

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