Addiction is one of the most misunderstood diseases. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is a chronic, relapsing disorder that is continued despite its harmful consequences. It is therefore considered both a mental illness and a complex brain disorder with some very severe physical and psychological consequences.

Struggling with addiction or watching your loved one battle it can be overwhelming. You feel helpless and powerless to stop it. It’s also often isolating as few people really understand the root causes. This lack of understanding leads people to stigmatize those struggling with addiction, believing them to have some character flaw. Some still view addiction as something jobless, homeless, and hopeless people deal with. They don’t think it can happen to them or to anyone they know.

This stigma and judgment from people keep individuals who are dealing with substance abuse from seeking addiction treatment. Additionally, they may fear that being exposed may lead to them getting fired or their family and loved ones being discriminated against.

Addiction Treatment in Kentucky

Fortunately, help is available for anyone struggling with addiction in Kentucky. Here at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we believe in getting addiction treatment to as many people as needed. We acknowledge that addiction is a mental illness and believe that those with substance abuse issues need compassionate care to get their lives back on track.

We extend our drug and alcohol addiction treatment services to residents of Lexington-Fayette as well as other cities in Kentucky. If you or your loved one needs help, we encourage you to reach out to us and see how our range of treatment services can be of use.

Addiction Treatment Services Available to Residents of Lexington-Fayette

Through the services we provide at our Kentucky rehab, we aim to assist individuals to not only beat addiction but rebuild their lives and go on to become productive members of society.

Our alcohol and drug rehab services include:

1. Residential Inpatient Treatment

Our residential treatment program admits patients to stay at our Kentucky rehab facility. They get to live in a cozy, homely environment with a less rigid structure than most inpatient treatment programs. The environment is designed to help those admitted to the program to focus on treatment and on re-acclimating themselves to sobriety. However, individuals are expected to keep up with their treatment schedule which includes attending individual, group, or family therapy sessions.

2. Partial Hospitalization

This is a form of outpatient treatment that is recommended for those with serious addiction but don’t require 24-hour supervision. Those undergoing this program have to follow a structured and intensive schedule for about 4-6 hours daily 3-5 days a week. Overnight stays at the treatment facility aren’t required so those in treatment get to work on their recovery in the real world. In most cases, partial hospitalization treatment is a step down from inpatient treatment.

3. Detoxification Services

When you have been dependent on drugs and alcohol for a while, your body can experience difficulties when you quit. This is where our detox services come in. Our Kentucky drug detox center is open to Lexington-Fayette residents and the detoxification is done in a safe, controlled environment. The aim is to rid your body of harmful toxins from alcohol and drugs and to prepare you to start the recovery program. Our medical team will be on hand throughout to monitor and assist you through the process.

4. Intensive Outpatient Treatment

If you are unable to take time off your busy schedule to attend residential rehab, then our intensive outpatient treatment program may be ideal for you. Treatment is offered on a part-time basis so you’ll only visit the rehab facility for a few hours on selected days of the week. In most cases, you’ll attend your therapy sessions either in the morning or evening then go home afterward. This addiction treatment program is best suited for those with less severe addiction, those with minor or no co-occurring conditions, and with a solid support system at home.

5. Outpatient Rehab

Our Kentucky addiction treatment center also provides outpatient treatment for those who are unable to get away from their daily schedules due to family, work, or school commitments.

This program allows you to pursue treatment for substance abuse while still living at home. 

You’ll check in to the facility regularly to attend therapy several hours a day on certain days. The therapy hours you’re to attend gradually reduce as you successfully progress through recovery. The outpatient rehab program is suitable for you if have moderate or mild addiction without significant withdrawal symptoms. You also need to be highly motivated to continue attending your treatment sessions as there is minimal supervision.

6. Aftercare Services

Our aftercare program is designed to address what comes next after rehab. We remain committed to your continued recovery even after discharge from the facility. That is why we set up our aftercare program so that you and others like you don’t feel that you’ve been left hanging after completing your treatment programs.

We offer different types of support through our aftercare program including alumni support programs, continued outpatient treatment, and family therapy as well as connecting you to sober living homes or support groups. The latter include groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous where you can share your experience with people who have gone through the same.

Get the Help You Need Today

At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we approach all our clients with compassion and believe that addiction can be successfully treated. Our person-centered evidence-based approach takes into account the special needs and requirements of each patient and we strive to provide individualized treatment to all.

If you are a resident of Lexington-Fayette looking for addiction treatment, reach out to us and one of our admission agents will guide you on the addiction treatment services available. You don’t have to suffer alone anymore, give us a call and get started on your recovery journey.

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