If you have a loved one or work colleague dealing with substance abuse then you know how it affects even those around them. In a family setting, drug use can result in marital violence, child neglect, and financial difficulties, among others. In the workplace, it can lead to absenteeism, higher incidences of accidents and injuries, increased conflict, decreased productivity, etc. However, drug use has far-reaching effects that extend to societal and healthcare systems as well.

Drug Abuse and Health Care

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), drug-related healthcare costs in the country amount to more than $11 billion daily. These costs come from:

  • Medical interventions such as emergency room visits are often caused by drug overdose, withdrawal symptoms, and other physical effects of drug use that require medical treatment such as seizures or strokes.
  • Inpatient treatment of drug addicts. There are some public drug addiction treatment programs that are aimed at helping drug users break free of their addiction. These are funded by public taxpayers.
  • Rehabilitation of those recovering from substance use addiction is similar to the above in that public rehabilitation programs are publicly funded.
  • Research on prevention and treatment of drug abuse. Another effect drug abuse has on health care is the resultant emergence of research looking into preventing drug or substance abuse including public education programs and research into how to effectively treat drug abuse.
  • Increased insurance costs to cover the medication, treatment, and rehabilitation of those struggling with drug use. Medicare and Medicaid both have provisions for addiction treatment programs. On the other hand, those living with addiction can use these insurance providers to obtain prescriptions for abuse.

The impact of drug abuse on healthcare may seem minimal but you have to look at the larger picture. Increased cases of drug abuse pull valuable financial and human resources from other medical emergencies, straining the health system.

On the plus side, these increased cases of drug use and substance abuse have led to better research and understanding of addiction and how this disease affects individuals, communities, and society at large.How Drug Abuse Affects Health Care

Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Drug abuse takes its toll on those using as well as those around them but things don’t have to remain this way. Help is available whether it’s you or a family member struggling with addiction. At the Robert Alexander Center for Addiction, we aim to provide the most affordable drug abuse treatment programs and services in Kentucky and beyond.

We offer individualized treatment plans and a variety of addiction treatment programs that can fit into your lifestyle. This includes intensive outpatient and outpatient programs for those who can’t take time off to check into a residential rehab program. Additionally, we have a family therapy program to help rebuild families devastated by addiction as well as medically assisted detox services for those who require them.

Reach out to us today and we’ll help you rebuild a life free of addiction.

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