The United States is in the middle of a horrific drug epidemic. Between prescription pills and illegal drugs, the number of people using them is devastating. According to the CDC, 136 people die every day due to a drug overdose. That’s an average of 2.6 people per state (including DC) per day. 

Kentucky unfortunately has similar drug abuse statistics. With a 32.5/100,000 overdose rate, the state ranks 7th in the country for overdose deaths. In the year 2019, Kentucky had 1,380 overdose deaths or, 3.78 deaths per day. This statistic, already higher than the national average is before the COVID-19 pandemic and 

Drug Abuse Statistics in Kentucky

The drug abuse statistics for Kentucky are startling. They include overdoses deaths per 100,000 people and arrest rates for drug related offenses. 

Kentucky’s biggest drug issue, according to the 2020 Office of Drug Control Policy release, is still methamphetamine, with over 12,000 tests run by state police. However, testing has increased for Fentanyl as well over the last year. 

The 2018, Kentucky State Police report indicates that there were 23,038 DUI violations and 67,850 drug violations. That is 249 violations a day, or every 5.78 minutes, for an entire year. 

Additionally, the drug abuse statistics in Kentucky show that in 2018, 54% of people who were known to have a substance abuse issue entered treatment. 2 in 10 people know someone who has a substance use issue with methamphetamine and/or heroin. The Kentucky Health Report indicates that 29 percent of people in Eastern Kentucky know someone with a methamphetamine issue. In Northern Kentucky, 36% of people know someone who has struggled with heroin.

But one of the most startling numbers is the amount of money spent by the Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP). The budget for 2020 was over 11.5 million dollars. Kentucky’s ASAP spends this across the state on recovery, education, employment. 

Getting help in Kentucky has been made easier with the government funding granted in the wake of the national drug statistics in 2020. Kentucky is ranked 5th in the country for most rehabilitation facilities per 100,000 people. This is a consistent statistic for the state who has ranked in the top 10 for the last 5 years as having the highest numbers for overdose related deaths and emergency room visits per 100,000 people. 

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How to Get a Loved One Help With Their Addiction

If the drug abuse statistics in Kentucky scared you, then the Robert Alexander Center is the place for you or your loved one. 

The Robert Alexander Center is a premier drug and alcohol addiction treatment center just south of Louisville, Kentucky. Our state-of-the-art full-service treatment center caters to the needs of our clients and their families. With same-day admissions, we are ready to help you at whatever step of the addiction treatment process you are in. 

At RAC we develop fully individualized treatment plans to support individuals through the addiction treatment and recovery process. Our experienced staff collaborates to create a holistic approach to healing. By collaborating traditional and evidence-based therapies with creative arts therapies, we hope to support our clients through healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Here at the Robert Alexander Center, we work to meet our client’s needs with a variety of treatment options. Starting with detox, we have residential inpatient care, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient options, family programs, and aftercare to support each person who seeks help through our program.
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