Substance addiction is a complex topic, and contrary to popular belief, it extends beyond people looking to simply get high. Most drug addicts abuse substances to cope with traumatic events throughout their life or the situation in which they are currently finding themselves. Therefore, rehabilitation is a far more convoluted process than a detoxification and withdrawal treatment program.

What is Drug Rehabilitation?

Detox and withdrawal management are critical beginning phases of drug rehabilitation. Yet, the underlying causes of why someone uses drugs also need to be addressed. Many rehab programs offer such services. Typically, individual and group therapy is a part of the ongoing process toward recovery. In addition, external services such as the 12 Steps Program have proven highly beneficial to millions of current and former addicts.

Reasons Why You Might be Refused Rehab

Drug treatment programs are operated by compassionate individuals who care about others and want to help. Yet, not everyone can be treated, much to the dismay of the caring professionals involved. Sometimes their hands are tied, and there is nothing they can do. In other cases, there might be safety concerns among staff and other patients. 

Finding Help When No Rehabs Will Take You

There are numerous reasons why you might be refused entry to a program, and some of the most common include:

  • Violent or abusive behavior towards staff and patients.
  • Failure to comply with facility regulations.
  • You cannot afford the treatment.
  • Your insurance doesn’t cover drug rehab treatment.
  • Severe psychological issues that require another discipline.
  • You don’t acknowledge your problems.
  • You continuously refuse the help offered to you.
  • No places are available.

Most facilities operate under strict rules, and any one of these reasons could be why you get refused admission. However, drug and rehab treatments are costly. Therefore a large amount of money is required. The cost of addiction treatment usually reflects the intensity of the care provided. For example, some essential treatments might be offered free. But, at the same time, ongoing and intensive care will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The RAC Guide to Finding Suitable Rehab

Finding help when no rehabs will take you is exceptionally challenging. The logistics and costs alone are usually a barrier to entry. Yet you can begin the process of helping yourself with our guide to finding suitable rehab. Following self-help and showing some discipline, The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery is happy to receive you when we can.

We can help you if you help yourself in the following ways: 

Finding Help When No Rehabs Will Take You
  • Begin the process of positive change: understand that your choices affect your addiction. For example, many users are affected by those around them, so they learn to recognize triggers and avoid others who use drugs.
  • Detox yourself: you quickly begin the process of detox at home. Rehab facilities provide detox services without complete treatment. Detox is the first step in ridding your body of the harmful chemicals running your life.
  • Get support from family and friends: support is vital when going through drug rehabilitation. Family and friends are all too happy to help. And if you find this difficult, you can find support from group meetings such as the 12-Steps Program and Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Use technology: Getting to intensive therapies is sometimes difficult, yet you can virtually use modern technology to attend meetings and sessions. In addition, apps like Zoom and Skype allow you to interact with therapists remotely.
  • Try looking for rehab in a different area: drug addiction is currently at epidemic proportions. Therefore, sometimes there just isn’t a place available in your local rehab facilities. It is helpful to expand your search area and try out-of-city or state facilities.

RAC understands the struggles you might face when looking for a rehab facility. Unfortunately, many substance abusers have a difficult time during this crucial phase. However, we understand the causes of addiction and will strive to accommodate all patients when we can. Through a highly compassionate approach with a highly specialized treatment regimen, we will help you to help yourself. If you or someone you care about desperately needs a rehab program, don’t hesitate to contact the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery today.

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