People often misunderstand addiction and think that overcoming it is just a matter of willpower, but that isn’t the case. When somebody is a victim of substance abuse, they have a chemical dependency and changes occur in the brain. It’s not a simple case of stopping right away and recovery is a long process. Addiction takes hold slowly and the process of beating it can also be slow. If you want to improve your chances of beating addiction, you should consider seeking long-term addiction treatment at a rehab facility. The question is, how long do you need to be in treatment? 

21-Day Treatment Programs 

Many rehab facilities offer a 21-day treatment program that includes a detox under medical supervision to help you get clean. Unfortunately, this length of treatment program is not usually enough to deal with addiction long-term and your chances of relapse are considerably higher than they would be if you went into a longer treatment program. Often, the reason that people choose a 21-day program is because that’s all that their insurance will cover and they worry about paying for further treatment. Some people just want to get back to their life as quickly as possible, but when you rush recovery, you increase your chances of failure. 

Strong Support Systems Are Everything 

Beating addiction isn’t just about detoxing and getting clean. The people that are successful after a 21-day treatment program usually have a very strong support network around them to keep them on the right track after they leave rehab. But if you don’t have supportive family and friends to take you in and an employer that welcomes you back to work, you risk relapsing after a 21-day treatment program. If you want to maintain your sobriety, you need that support system to help you avoid temptation and stop you from falling back into addiction. 

Long-Term Addiction Treatment Gives You Time 

Research shows that addicts that go through a longer treatment program at a rehab facility are far more likely to remain sober afterward. The recommended period for somebody with serious addiction issues is 90 days, but there are longer programs that last up to 3 months as well. The longer you spend in treatment, the more likely you are to stay sober. 

Why Do Longer Treatment Programs Work So Well? 

A long-term treatment plan offers more than a detox. When you enter a rehab facility for a long period, you will receive the following treatment: 

  • Detox lasts days or weeks depending on the substance. 
  • Individual therapy sessions to discuss the cause of addiction. 
  • Group therapy sessions. 
  • Counseling for friends and family so you can rebuild relationships and they can learn how to support you. 
  • Investigation of trigger issues that lead to substance abuse. 
  • Learning new coping mechanisms to help you avoid temptation in the future. 

As well as this comprehensive treatment program addresses the underlying causes of addiction and teaches you how to cope with temptation, you also give your mind and body time to recover. Neural patterns in your brain will return to how they were before you were an addict, and that helps with cravings. 

Finding The Right Program 

There are many different treatment programs out there and it is important that you spend some time considering which is best for you. If you have already been in a shorter treatment program, it is especially important that you book a longer stay in a rehab facility. The longer you have been an addict, the more intensive the program will need to be. But if you are able to complete a long-term treatment plan, you can beat your addiction. 

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