Studies highlight that at least 2.7 million Americans have an opioid use disorder while it is also shown that around 130 deaths are recorded daily as a result of opioid use. As such, it has become an increasingly common reason for addiction treatment center admissions. 

It has long been suggested that many of the patients who check into drug rehab for opioid addiction have chronic pain. Now, though, the link between chronic pain and opioid addiction has been statistically proven.

The link between chronic pain and opioid addiction 

Opioid addiction treatment has often revolved around the concept that many take opioids due to chronic pain. After all, opioids have long been used as prescription drugs while authorities reassured people in the 1990s that they would not become addicted. Sadly, the fact that over 10 million people misuse opioids at least once each year suggests otherwise.

However, it is no longer purely anecdotal. Research into central sensitization in opioid use disorder has shown that people with central sensitization are more receptive to pain as the spinal cords transmit information to the brain in a heightened way. When individuals consequently turn to opioids, they naturally become more prone to addiction because they may need them to numb the pain more frequently than other people.

Because of this link, anybody who experiences an opioid use disorder will need to find a suitable treatment plan. Intensive outpatient drug rehab programs could be particularly effective, especially when provided by an addiction treatment center that understands the links to chronic pain and can find alternative ways to manage pain as well as opioid withdrawal symptoms.

How can drug rehab be built to reflect opioid addiction?

Whether using an outpatient program or an inpatient opioid rehab treatment, it’s imperative that any plan to overcome opioid addiction is tailored to the individual. Chronic pain is a common root cause, but it’s not the only issue. An accurate diagnosis, which may include a dual diagnosis with a mental health issue, is the first step to success.

The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab program in Kentucky that understands the need for personalized treatment plans built with long-term success in mind. Following a carefully managed detoxification, treatment plans will combine therapy with other mechanisms to help patients get sober and stay sober. Perhaps most importantly, the drug rehab program will focus on finding a drug treatment that also supports you through chronic pain conditions to reduce the threat of relapsing.

A failure to treat underlying issues is often the reason why more than 4 in 5 addicts relapse. It is especially noticeable when dealing with chronic pain and opioid use disorders. A full understanding of the person rather than just the addiction instantly improves the likelihood of long-term success. Moreover, the Robert Alexander Center educates patients and their families so that they are better equipped to steer clear of relapsing.

Opioid addiction can be lethal, but living with chronic pain isn’t an option either. With the right treatment, patients can expect to enjoy a far greater quality of life.

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