If you’re a New York resident, you know just how pervasive an issue addiction really is. The state of New York is no stranger to coping with drug and alcohol-related dependencies; over  1.9 million New York residents struggle with some kind of addiction, and this includes people aged between 12 and 17 too. It’s why, here in Kentucky, we aim to offer services to every New Yorker who’s struggling to find the right addiction treatment location for them.  

If you’re a New York resident, you need to know you have options for treatments. As we’ve noted, here in Kentucky, we have some amazing treatment facilities you may find useful. We aim to be a crucial part of your treatment program, to ensure you have everything you need to take those much-needed healthy steps forward. 

However, we know that moving out of state to try and change your life is going to be hard. Let’s walk through the process below.  

The Benefits of Reaching Out to a Kentucky Addiction Treatment Location

There are many benefits to signing into an addiction center that’s out of state. For example, reaching out to our Kentucky Addiction Treatment Center, if you’re a New York resident, will allow you to take your time in working towards recovery. Not only that, but you won’t have to face the same sights, sounds, and smells, and being able to take a much-needed break away from your regular life is a key part of shedding your dependency. 

Not to mention you’ll have a much lower chance of coming across anyone you know within the facility, if that’s something you’re worried about. We also have a list of the typical rules at a sober living facility that you’ll want to get to know ahead of time, to ensure you’re comfortable with the discipline and structure required during the time you stay. 

However, if you’d much rather stay at home, where you’re comfortable and know your surroundings, we wish to show you a sample of the programs we have on offer. We know such a move is going to be hard work, on top of working towards sobriety, and because of that, we aim to cater to all patients. 

It’s why we offer various outpatient programs, allowing for greater freedom after an inpatient program is completed. Patients have structure and routine, but can come and go as they please, and both of the two outpatient services below are very popular, with high success rates. 

Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment 

After an inpatient program has been completed, our intensive outpatient services are the next step in the journey to recovery. Being able to work both in and out of the treatment center, to feel like your life is getting back on track, and you’re getting used to the outside world again, is something we aim to offer every single patient that walks through our doors. It’s a support program, and you can read more about it by clicking the link above. 

Partial Hospitalization for Alcohol Addiction Treatment 

This outpatient program aims to help you restructure your life and to beat the need to reach for a bottle of alcohol. Once you’ve successfully completed an inpatient program, we won’t ship you off to cope on your own outside, just like in our drug dependency programs. We’re here to offer more structure as you get back on your feet. Many services are involved with this program, and by simply clicking the link above, you’ll be able to read a detailed run-through of them all. 

Finding The Right Treatment Center For You

If you’re worried about staying in New York during your recovery process, be sure to get in touch with us about relocating to Kentucky for the time being. You don’t have to become a permanent resident while staying with us, and our addiction treatment location can be very convenient for you. 

Because here at the Robert Alexander Center, we know just how hard it can be to relocate for such a reason. We know just how beneficial the programs we offer can be, and we thoroughly encourage you to consider the pros and cons of coming to Kentucky to get the help you need. 

We only hope to help you face your demons and come out the other side either feeling much more like your old self, or reaching the point where you’re happy with your progress, and feel like you can take charge of your life again. 

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