Many people in the United States live with drug-related issues in their lives, and if you’re a Georgia resident, you’re probably no stranger to them. The statistics show that Georgia is a state struggling with addiction; per year, over 300,000 emergency room visits are related to drug use, and finding the right treatment programs for every Georgian who needs help with their addiction can be a struggle, too. 

If you’re a Georgia resident, knowing you have options for treatments, in order to help you face your demons and battle them, is a crucial part of your recovery program. Here in Kentucky, we have some amazing treatment facilities you may find useful. Moving out of state to take charge of your life again could just be the solution you’re looking for, but let us walk you through the process in some finer detail. 

Georgia Residents: Consider Kentucky For Addiction Treatment

Reaching Out to a Kentucky Addiction Treatment Center

Our addiction treatment center in Kentucky is always ready to receive a call from you or a loved one if you need extra support in this area. We aim to provide a welcome desk that’s truly welcoming and the right environment for you to work through your struggles. 

We know just how difficult it can be to face the prospect of getting help at all, let alone reaching out to a center in a state you don’t know, and we’ll do everything we can to make you more comfortable. 

Most of all, if you’re worried about reaching out to an addiction treatment center here in Kentucky because life will be so different from what you experience in your hometown in Georgia, we have a full list of the typical rules at a sober living facility for you to have a read through. If you know what to expect ahead of time, the move can turn out to be far less scary than our brains like to build it up to be. 

Moving to Find a Program Right for You

As we’ve noted above, moving to find the right program for you can be a hard thing to face. After all, you’d much rather stay at home, where you’re comfortable and know your surroundings, rather than step into such an unknown world. You know just how much work is going to go into reaching the point where you feel like you can stay sober, and piling the stress of relocation on top of that is too much to bear. 

But it’s incredibly important to remember that the programs in our addiction center cater to all types of patients. For example, we offer various outpatient programs, meaning patients are free to come and go as they please, as long as they commit to the program laid out for them. Just take a look at a couple of our main services: 

Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment 

After an inpatient program has been completed, our intensive outpatient services are the next step in the journey to recovery. Being able to work both in and out of the treatment center, to feel like your life is getting back on track, and you’re getting used to the outside world again, is something we aim to offer every single patient that walks through our doors. It’s a support program, above all else, and you can read more about it by clicking the link above. 

Partial Hospitalization for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

For anyone struggling with alcohol-related issues, this program aims to help you restructure your life, and learn to live without your drug of choice. After successfully completing an inpatient program, you won’t have to ship off and cope on your own outside, just like in our drug dependency programs. Many services are involved with this program, and by simply clicking the link above, you’ll be able to read a detailed run-through of them all. 

So, Why is Kentucky a Great Addiction Treatment Location for Georgia Residents?

If you’re unsure about your chances of achieving sobriety staying in Georgia, being surrounded by everything that might have just pushed you towards your addiction in the first place, reaching out to our addiction treatment center here in Kentucky could be a worthy next step. 

Here at the Robert Alexander Center, we know just how hard it can be to relocate for such a reason. But we know just how beneficial the programs we offer can be, and we thoroughly encourage you to consider the pros and cons of coming to Kentucky to get the help you need.  

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