You’ve finally taken the huge step to check yourself into rehab. Congratulations, you have won half the battle. The rest is now ahead of you.

At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery in Kentucky, we’re committed to providing quality addiction treatment to all our clients. We want to make your stay at our drug rehab center as comfortable as possible and to help you turn your life around.

We offer addiction treatment on a residential and outpatient basis, with an option for intensive outpatient treatment. Once you successfully go through our detox program, you can choose to proceed to any of our residential drug addiction treatment programs here in Kentucky.

To make your stay at the rehab comfortable, here’s what you can bring with you:

  • Appropriate clothing.

A good rule of thumb is to pack enough clothes for a week or about 10 days. You can confirm what the weather is like or pack clothes that are easy to layer. This ensures you’re covered whatever the weather.

Also, pack some gym clothes and sneakers for any outdoor activities you’ll participate in. These will also come in handy when doing your workouts.

Simple everyday jewelry you usually wear is allowed e.g. your wedding ring or watch but leave any expensive pieces at home.

  • Toiletries and hygiene products (unopened).

You are also allowed to bring along your normal toiletries including toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, a hairbrush and dryer as well as basic makeup. These should be new and unopened. Any toiletries that contain alcohol are not recommended e.g mouthwash or nail polish remover.

  • Any medication you need

If you’re on any medication, call first and ask if you’ll be allowed to take it with you. If you are, ensure that you carry the medicines in their original packaging and also carry the original doctor’s prescription to confirm you’re taking the right dose.

  • Your important documents

Pack any important documents you usually need such as your ID or driver’s license, or your health insurance card if needed.  You may also need to carry a prescription card for any medications you’re taking.

  • Books or Journals

While you’ll spend a lot of your time attending therapy and doing other activities to aid your recovery, you’ll still have plenty of time on your own. You can use this time to relax while reading some novels. Alternatively, you can choose to start a journal to document your recovery journey. This is an excellent way to keep depression and stress at bay.

We’re Ready To Help

The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery is ready to help you overcome your addiction. We have a variety of addiction recovery programs from intensive outpatient to family therapy programs that you can take advantage of.

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey and we’d be happy to help you take those first important steps. Contact us today and get started on your recovery.

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