Beating an addiction is hard. Most people require professional support to help them get through. Live-in treatment centers are just one popular form of professional care. These centers provide an environment that is free of temptations with professional support on hand to help you fight your addiction. 

While many of us can see the benefit of these services, a lot of us choose to turn down rehabilitative care. This can be for many reasons – but one common reason is work. In most cases, treatment requires taking time off work. What if you can’t afford to take time off?

Fortunately, at treatment centers such as the Robert Alexander Center, we are able to offer solutions to this problem. One way is to work and seek treatment at the same time. 

Can I work from a live in center?

Depending on the nature of your work, it may be possible to continue working while staying overnight in our center. A growing number of jobs can now be worked remotely either via a computer or a phone. If you have a job that you work remotely, it may be possible to continue working from our live-in center.

With certain jobs, it may be recommended that you reduce your hours so that you’re still able to focus enough on recovery. However, you may be able to work enough hours to still keep some income.

What are some other treatment options?

Staying at a live in center is not the only option when it comes to treatment for addiction. There are several other flexible treatment options that you can look into. These include:

Outpatient treatment: 

Outpatient treatment allows you to receive treatment for drug or alcohol addiction while staying at home. You’ll usually be asked to attend a series of therapy sessions each week, which could help you to get you on the road to recovery. Such treatment doesn’t interfere with commitments such as work or family, which could make it a great option for some people. 

Intensive outpatient treatment: 

Intensive outpatient treatment is similar to regular outpatient treatment, but more time-intensive. You’ll be required to visit the treatment center several days per week for several hours at a time, however you have the choice to return home. Those with a more serious addiction may benefit from this more immersive form of treatment. 


We are also able to offer detoxification treatment, which could help you to more easily get on the road to recovery by yourself. This involves flushing out the body of toxins which could be contributing to withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We’re also able to offer medication to help reduce withdrawal symptoms for those dealing with severe alcohol withdrawal or opioid addiction. 

These are just some of the treatment options that we provide. You can find out more information about all the treatment options we provide here at this page. Weigh up which option you think is most convenient for your lifestyle. 

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