One of the main reasons many of those struggling with addiction choose not to go for rehab treatment is due to the fear of learning how to juggle an addiction treatment program and their job. Unlike the ill-conceived stereotype of addicts being homeless and jobless, the reality is that most addicts have jobs. For many such people working full-time jobs, taking an extended leave from work to enter an in-patient or residential rehab program is next to impossible.

If you’re battling addiction, worrying about losing your job as a result of the addiction on top of worrying about seeking treatment can wear you out. Thankfully, there are options out there for addiction treatment that don’t involve in-patient treatment.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs Can Help

At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we understand that a stable career and paycheck are empowering and essential in this world. However, if you’re struggling with addiction, you put your job and sometimes co-workers at risk. It is imperative to deal with the addiction if you’re to continue being a valuable member of your workplace.

At our rehab center in Kentucky, we provide a range of addiction treatment programs designed to help those who want to keep working while undergoing rehab treatment. Both our Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and Outpatient Treatment Programs are ideal for you if you want to stay on the job while receiving treatment.

The flexibility and freedom provided by these outpatient programs allow you to either continue to work during the day and attend rehab in the evening or vice-versa depending on your work schedule. Since there is no requirement to stay overnight at the rehab, you are free to continue with your life after attending the required therapy sessions. This allows you to work your rehab hours into your schedule so you can keep working at the same time.

Our outpatient treatment programs are fantastic for you if you have no co-occurring mental health or other disorders and if you only have a mild addiction. However, if you need detox, it’s advisable to first go for the detoxification program before proceeding with addiction treatment.

Balancing the demands of rehab with your life and work responsibilities may be challenging. That is why outpatient programs are recommended only for those with a safe and stable structure at home where friends and family can help support your recovery. Your loved ones can also support you by taking part in our family therapy program. Additionally, you need to be disciplined and motivated to attend all the required therapy sessions to successfully complete the rehab program.

Let Us Help You

Recovering from addiction isn’t just about getting rid of substances that cause you harm. It is also about finding new ways to live a fuller, more meaningful life.

Get in touch with us at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery and let us help you reclaim and rebuild your life free from addiction.

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