There are hundreds of Kentuckians seeking treatment at a Kentucky rehab center to overcome some form of addiction.

Although there are different types of drug treatment programs in Kentucky, most of them use the same basic criteria to admit clients.

Who Qualifies for Drug Rehab Programs in Kentucky?

You are eligible for a drug rehab program if:

You are addicted to drugs.

It might seem obvious but this is the first qualification for drug treatment. Maybe you have tried to quit using alcohol or drugs and were unable to do so. Or maybe you have no control over your drug habit, using it compulsively even when it’s clear that it’s having some serious negative effects on your life. Whatever the case, if you are struggling with a drug problem, you can join a drug treatment program.

You are ready to undergo drug addiction treatment.

Some people go into rehab because of pressure from their family, work, or friends. In such instances, treatment is not successful. For a better outcome, you need to accept that you have a drug problem. The initiative has to come from you and you have to follow it up with a willingness to undergo treatment. This way, you’re likely to commit to going through the entire treatment process.

You are physically present for the treatment.

Before joining a treatment program, you have to ensure that you can make it to all the therapy sessions and whatever else the program entails. Some drug treatment programs such as intensive outpatient programs require you to commute to the treatment facility several times a week so you have to know how to balance your various commitments with your schedule.

You can meet the costs of treatment.

Drug treatment can be expensive depending on the severity of your addiction and the kind of care you require. Typically, residential or inpatient drug treatment programs tend to be more expensive than outpatient ones since clients have to meet the costs of residing at the treatment center. You need to be sure that you can afford treatment. Check that your insurance covers part or all of the costs and if not, you can meet the rest on your own. Some treatment facilities also have payment plans for those clients with financial constraints so check on that.

Have a solid support base.

Your loved ones, friends, family members, and even co-workers can be your greatest allies as you seek to get sober. You qualify for some types of drug treatment e.g. outpatient treatment programs if you have a supportive, positive home environment that will promote your recovery. The people close to you also have to be willing to take part in some of the treatment activities e.g. family group therapy.

Drug addiction can rob you of any joy in life but you have the power to turn things around. Contact the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery today and we’ll be glad to assist you.


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