If you are wondering about your Humana insurance drug rehab coverage and wondering does Humana pays for rehab, the answer is yes. Humana insurance policies cover several levels of rehabilitative care at multiple in-network facilities.

The Robert Alexander Center is a Humana in-network rehab center. Our addiction treatment center in Kentucky covers everything from detoxification through inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient rehabilitative care.

Contact us today to verify your insurance coverage and see how we can support you on your recovery journey with expert care for lasting recovery.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Most insurance companies and insurance policies cover rehabilitation; however, it can vary in level of support, location, and length. Each insurance company will have a list of in-network drug rehabs, detoxification centers, and treatment facilities that you can access to find the level of rehab support you need.

Like most medical care, rehabilitation often requires a recommendation from a doctor, ongoing medical billing, and other stipulations to ensure that insurance covers the program. Attending an approved, in-network rehabilitation/treatment center, you can ensure that the process is streamlined and all communications are handled.

What Are The Different Levels of Rehab Support?

Does Humana Insurance Pay for Rehab?

Individuals often require different levels of rehab treatment, which can be covered by insurance. These levels loosely align with the different severity levels of substance use disorders. Individuals may cross between, but the level of severity often dictates the level of support needed.

The highest level of support is inpatient rehabilitative care. This level of support is for individuals with severe substance use disorders and those who have comorbid mental health concerns. This level of care is typically covered by insurance when it is pre-approved by a medical professional and verified. Inpatient care requires an individual to live at a treatment facility while working through the early stages of rehabilitation. This process can last for 30-90 days, depending on the severity of the substance use disorder and the client’s needs. 

The next step for support is partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment for individuals with moderate substance use disorders and those struggling with comorbid anxiety and depression related to drug use or withdrawal. This treatment method is often preferred and covered by insurance with in-network verification. Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment are ideal because they offer the structure of inpatient rehabilitation while allowing individuals to maintain some semblance of responsibility and home-life expectations. 

Outpatient treatment is the lowest level of rehabilitative support covered by insurance. However, this method is often covered by insurance for an extended period. Outpatient rehabilitation usually occurs over six months to a year. This process requires clients to maintain weekly or biweekly meeting times with a counselor, therapist, or group to maintain progress. This level of support is ideal for individuals with mild substance use disorders and those using the treatment as a path to aftercare, which is also almost always covered by insurance, especially when it is through the same facility as initial care.

Does Humana Insurance Pay for Rehab?

Humana insurance covers some drug rehabs and has a wide array of available in-network treatment facilities. Individuals looking for Human drug rehabs can search online or call their representative using the number on the back of their insurance card.

Additionally, individuals can directly contact the treatment center they are interested in to verify their insurance. You will need your policy information so that the treatment center can detail your specific coverage and identify the most supportive treatment options. Additionally, by contacting the treatment center directly, they can give you the most accurate accounting of your coverage and out-of-pocket fees. 

How to Find an In-Network Treatment Program

To find Humana drug rehabs that are in-network, you can contact Humana directly, with your policy information and ask for a list of Humana-covered drug rehabs. 

One such Humana-covered drug rehab is the Robert Alexander Center (RAC). At RAC, we offer comprehensive treatment programs designed to meet the needs of each client as they journey through the process of rehabilitation. 

Our mission is to provide the best and most efficient substance abuse treatment for individuals at every step of the addiction treatment journey. Our clients can start with us in detoxification or through any level of support necessary for their ideal rehabilitation. In addition, our comprehensive facility at the Robert Alexander Center is designed to provide excellent holistic care for individuals looking to get sober.

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