Addiction is a disease that has for a long time been misunderstood. And it has resulted in the stigmatization of patients who suffer from it. According to the National Institute on Drug abuse, addiction is a relapsing disorder that causes continued use of drugs despite the harmful and long-term effects on the brain and overall health.

Addiction affects people from all walks of life – young, old, women, men, the poor, and the rich. Many addicts do not realize how far in they are until it becomes challenging to quit.

The number of Washington residents who partake in drug and substance abuse is alarming. The rate is at two million annually, a number that is higher than the national average. Between 2008 and 2017, 19.32% of all deaths in Washington were attributed to drug and alcohol use.

Some of the risk factors that contribute to addiction in Washington are homelessness and poor mental health, ultimately increasing suicide rates. Thankfully, Robert Alexander Center for Recovery in Kentucky is here and ready to help people going through addiction. We provide compassionate care and evidence-based treatments for long-term recovery.

Our Services Include

At our Kentucky rehabilitation center, we aim to provide you with a strong foundation for your recovery through the following services.

Detoxification for Washington Residents

There are many signs to look out for to get your loved ones the care they need. The most important thing is to have the person accept that they have a problem. When you come to our Kentucky recovery center, our first step is to get you on detox. Naturally, there is alcohol and drugs in your system. Although the detox process is the most challenging part of the treatment, it will give you a fresh start.

First, we conduct a medical assessment to obtain relevant information about your addiction and medical history. This way, we can determine what your needs are before we can start detoxification. Throughout the stages of withdrawal, our professionals will be with you to guide and help make withdrawal easier for you.

Residential Inpatient for Washington Residents

Inpatient care in Kentucky lays a foundation and groundwork for building a sober life. Here, you immerse your focus and attention fully into recovery through treatment. You reside in our facility where there are no temptations or distractions. When you achieve a stable footing mentally and physically, you move from inpatient to residential care where there is a comfortable environment. This is why Kentucky is a great addiction treatment location for Washington residents.

Intensive Outpatient for Washington Residents

Once you’re through with the inpatient Kentucky program, take the next step and attend the intensive outpatient Kentucky program. It will help you adjust to your routine as you work on achieving complete recovery. Some of the services offered at our intensive outpatient program in Kentucky include:

  • Group Counselling
  • Individual Therapy
  • Addiction Education
  • Medication Management

Outpatient Program for Washington Residents

At Robert Alexander Recovery Center in Kentucky, we cater to everyone. If you have commitments like work, school, and family responsibility, our outpatient program is flexible enough to accommodate you.

The outpatient program in Kentucky is more affordable than the inpatient programs because you receive treatment as you continue residing at home. The treatment services, however, are the same as those of intensive care. All you need to do is check in regularly, depending on your treatment plan.

The outpatient program at Kentucky is not ideal for everyone, but it is the best option if:

  • You’re experiencing mild or moderate addiction.
  • Your family and surrounding community are supportive throughout your recovery process.
  • You’re on track with your treatments and haven’t experienced relapses.
  • Outpatient program services offered in Kentucky vary depending on the rehab center, but the most common are:
  • Strategies for relapse prevention
  • Individual counseling to identify triggers and avoid stressors
  • Group counseling with other people on a similar journey to share and get support
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps patient replace the negative patterns with positive ones
  • Medically-assisted treatment in terms of prescriptions to aid in recovery

Aftercare and Alumni

What happens beyond rehab? When the journey comes to an end, it feels like a load has been lifted off your shoulders, you’ve made an accomplishment, and now you can walk with your head held high. However, one of the reasons why Kentucky is a great addiction treatment location for Washington residents is because we don’t leave you hanging. Our professionals plan aftercare treatment for you as a key part of your journey to recovery.

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