When you are going through the addiction recovery process, one of the important phases that you will see as part of that is known as intensive outpatient. In this phase, you are living in a specialized living area, where you are free to do your own cooking and shopping and so on. But you are also attending regular therapy, every day, sometimes for up to six hours a day. It is intensive, as the name suggests, but it’s also one of the most important parts of the whole recovery process.

Whether you are looking at entering that phase soon or you are just thinking ahead to that part of your own recovery, it’s important to make sure you know what to expect as fully as possible. Here are some of the program features that you can expect to see in a great intensive outpatient facility.

How Intensive Outpatient Works

After you have had your detox process, you go to intensive outpatient. With this, you are free to do as you please in your living quarters, but there is that therapy that you will need to go to every day. It would be normal to attend a session between nine in the morning and midday, or perhaps in the evening from five to eight. This is the basic process of being in intensive outpatient.

Freedom To Work

One of the features that you will find at this point is that you are free to seek out work and engage in some employment – as long as you remain available for whenever your allotted sessions of therapy might be. As long as you continue to attend those, you are pretty much free to work, and often that can include work that is not on-site, so you really do have considerable freedom there.


Another hugely important aspect to this stage is that you have the opportunity, and the time, to start a resocialization process. Because you will generally have a good chunk of time free each day, often in the evenings, you can work on filling out job applications, learning new skills, undergoing education, or spending time with others in a social sense. All of that is hugely important for your general wellbeing, and in its own way it is a part of the recovery process, so this is one of the major features of such a phase of the program.

Community Referrals

Not everybody who lives in intensive outpatient is going to have gone through the previous stages within the organization. It is possible to come from outside, and most of the best programs will accept community referrals in this way. Very often, those individuals won’t even need to be living on-site as you might expect, so this is very open to anyone who might need this kind of help.

With these sorts of features in an intensive outpatient facility, you can be sure that it is going to be much easier to successfully overcome the addiction. Get in touch today to find out more.

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