Drugs affect the body differently. Accordingly, the effects of drug abuse vary significantly from one user to another. For instance, how drugs affect you depend on many factors, such as your body size, health condition, the type of drug, and whether you already have other drugs in your system. Accordingly, it is essential that illegal drugs are not controlled. Therefore, their strength may vary significantly, and so are their effects on your body.

Drugs come with both short-term and long-term effects on the body. It is worth noting that these effects may be psychological, physical, or both. You may find yourself acting, feeling, and thinking differently when you do drugs. Additionally, there are chances that you may lose control of your actions and thoughts. Another point to keep in mind is that drug abuse has no safe level. The safest you can get is to avoid drugs or get immediate addiction treatment that includes therapy and other selected approaches. 

How Drugs Affect The Body

From the definition, drugs alter how your body works. Even the mildest forms of drugs can have detrimental effects over the long run. The fact is that any addictive drug, even in its lowest dosage, can cause significant damages to your body when used for prolonged durations. When you choose to do drugs, you expose yourself to many conditions, such as heart attack, stroke, panic attacks, and depression. The list is endless. 

Drug abuse can make your body weak, malnourished, and damage your immune system. Many studies have pointed out that prolonged drug abuse without treatment reduces life expectancy 15 to 20 years less. However, you can fight these effects through quality treatment for drug and substance addiction.

Effects Of Drug Abuse On The Body

Drug abuse is linked with negative consequences on the body. This includes mental health, physical health, and emotions. Doing drugs also puts your relationships, finances, social life in jeopardy. As suggested earlier, the physical effects may vary, depending on the drugs you use and your body. 

Every drug comes with a different reaction. For instance, some drugs may make you feel exhausted, weak, and dizzy. On the other hand, others will make you feel energized, alert, and more awake. Some physical effects may be extreme and may lead to death if left untreated for a prolonged period. Such adverse effects are often associated with long-term use and higher dosage. There are daily reports of drug use and related deaths nationally and globally. 

Risks from shared needles and permanent brain damage are also rampant in drug abusers. You will need to learn about every drug, its effect on your body, and the available treatment options

Other Effects Of Doing Drugs 

Mental Health

Drug users are reported to experience mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. This effect is also related to high usage for prolonged periods. 

Financial Issues

Drugs are expensive and demanding. The results can be devastating to your finances. For instance, drug abusers are found to have a problem managing their debts and fiancés. 


Drugs change how your brain and body function. If you do not seek immediate treatment, you may find yourself having a tough time committing to your relationships. 


When the urge for drugs is too strong, abusers find themselves committing offenses to fund their addiction. Additionally, among the effects of drug abuse is involved in crime and social ills. 

Drug Abuse In Sports 

If you are involved in a sporting activity, using drugs can damage your physical and mental health and your reputation. Without a doubt, many athletes have been stripped of victories in the past for their involvement in drug abuse. 

Drugs And Driving

One of the most popular campaigns is aimed at preventing people from driving under the influence of drugs. This is because drug use clouds your judgment and the ability to make sound decisions that may put your life and other road users at risk. There have been many instances of drunk drivers causing accidents that claim lives on the roads. Injuries related to accidents are also fatal and life-changing. 

The Bottom Line 

Drug use disorders are associated with numerous short-term and long-term effects on your health. These effects may vary due to many factors. However, there is no denying that drug abuse puts your life on the line. The effects on your body can be far-reaching.

The good news is that you can always fight your way out of drug addiction. There are many ways to get treatment if you are addicted to drugs. Our facilities offer the most advanced and quality treatment services to make your road to recovery shorter and more manageable.

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