People who use addictive substances tend to think they can stop anytime. This is the message they give to themselves, especially when in the teeth of addictive behavior. The truth is, that help is needed to free yourself from the addiction and live the wholesome life you were meant to live. If you have a habit there are some signs when it’s time to seek help, look out for the situations below. 

You drive or have driven a car while intoxicated

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Driving a car under the influence of recreational substances of any kind is not only unlawful, dangerous, and irresponsible, it’s also a sign that you may be addicted to a substance and in need of some help. 

Most people assume that they have their substance use under control, but behaviors like driving while under the influence of it, even if the reason is rational, is an indication that it’s gone too far. Think of what your circumstances would be without the intoxication, life would certainly be simpler, and driving would be lawful. 

You have health problems resulting from your drug use

Using addictive substances regularly, or occasionally, affects your health. The substance itself may cause health conditions such as breathing difficulties and irritation, skin conditions, and weight issues. You may also experience health conditions relating to your lifestyles like dehydration and weight loss. 

You will notice signs of health and wellness changes as you continue to use an addictive substance. Whether you take action or not is a personal decision, but if your substance use begins to dominate your health yet you don’t stop, it’s a sign something is wrong. 

Your family and friends have expressed concern and asked you to stop and seek counseling

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People who use addictive substances often encounter issues in their relationships. Addiction to a substance can make a person closed off, defensive, and unpredictable; it can also make them selfish and narrow-minded. Whether it’s your family, friends, or partner there is likely to be some strain on your relationships with addiction.

If any of these people in your life have noticed your addiction and asked you about it, or even asked you to stop, that is a definite sign that’s worth considering. If you find that you’re ignoring their calls to stop or seek help, that too is a sign of your commitment to the substance. Consider the people around you instead and decide which is more important. 

You’ve been arrested

Living a lifestyle of addiction is dangerous in several ways. It’s dangerous for your health and your relationships, but also for your freedom and reputation. Drug users often put themselves at the mercy of the law by repeatedly buying illegal substances and using them. It’s only a matter of time before you’re caught. 

If you have received a DUI, have been caught with an illegal substance, have stolen to pay for your habit, or otherwise broken the law in relation to your addiction, it’s a definite sign you need some help, especially if the circumstances don’t put you off using in the future. 

You’ve lost your job or dropped out of school

An addiction makes your life difficult in many ways, one of them is the disruption it causes to your work life or school life. The addiction tends to dominate your life and it’s hard to think of anything else. Instead of being a useful employee or student, you tend to miss important events and avoid responsibility. If your productivity or employability is affected it’s a sign you may have an issue. 

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