Addiction can be difficult to diagnose at first, especially if you have a light addiction that could go under the radar, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting your life and creating unnecessary stress for you. Even a small addiction can be damaging for your health and your relationships; a small addiction can also be difficult to admit to and escape. 

At the Kentucky Treatment Center, we assist with all kinds of addictions, both light ones, and ones that require more intensive treatment. We have a comfortable and supportive facility that will assist you compassionately from the start, we also have effective outpatient options for those who need to continue living their everyday lives. 

California Residents: Consider Kentucky For Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment for California Residents

Addiction is a difficult and misunderstood condition that has a lot of stigma around it. There is stigma from, the outside, from society; but also from the inside, no one wants to admit they have an issue and might be an addict. It can be a lonely, isolating place, but a good treatment center can help. 

It is very easy to slip into addiction. Addiction itself is considered a complex brain disorder and a mental illness. It’s characterized by chronic relapsing and compulsive drug seeking and continued use of a harmful substance regardless of the consequences. Addiction can cause issues with work, in relationships, and with health. 

Addiction is a serious health condition that affects all aspects of a person’s life and livelihood, despite this it still carries a dismissive stigma with it making treatment even harder to pursue for those affected. The Kentucky drug and alcohol treatment center is committed to compassionate and supportive care for all. 

Detoxification in California

California Residents: Consider Kentucky For Addiction Treatment

Those who come to the center in Kentucky will require detoxification, this is a process of eliminating the substance from your system so you can begin the work of recovery. For most addicts, there are underlying reasons why they became addicted which need to be addressed after the detox. 

Detoxification at the Kentucky center is made as comfortable as possible. The process will be more or less difficult depending on your level of addiction and substance type. In all cases, we use dedicated health professionals to ensure the detoxification does not harm you in any way. 

After you have finished your detoxification you will be assigned a therapist or counselor who can begin the work of uncovering your addictive tendencies. This work can be undertaken as an inpatient or outpatient, depending on your condition and requirements. The Kentucky Center has everything you need for a comfortable and compassionate experience. 

Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Many people who arrive at the Kentucky center are in pursuit of inpatient recovery treatment. The center provides a comfortable setting for recovery, however, some people need treatment options that complement their everyday lives. They need to recover from addictions while looking after a family or holding down a job. 

There may be several reasons why someone would want an outpatient treatment option. Sometimes it’s because they need to continue with their lives while beating addiction, sometimes it’s more convenient or affordable; other times, outpatient treatment is more effective for conditions that don’t require extreme detoxification. 

As an outpatient at the Kentucky center, you will be given a counselor and a schedule. You must report to the clinic regularly and provide regular updates on your progress. As an outpatient recovering from addiction you are at higher risk of relapsing, therefore you must be committed to attending your therapy and changing your habits. 

Outpatient Program

Because addiction is such a difficult health condition to address, those affected need all the help and support available. At the Kentucky center we understand the journey and the obstacles you will encounter, we have, therefore, created a program that is tailor-made for responding to your needs and getting you back on track. 

The journey into and out of recovery is different for everyone. Some people know they have an issue for a long time before they seek help, others try to quit and realize they can’t. Others still might encounter an intervention from family or friends that serves as a wake-up call. Similarly, the journey out of addiction is diverse and there is not a one size fits all approach. 

The outpatient program is one path you might take. It is both supportive and effective with the right attitude. If you opt for an outpatient treatment option we will provide you with all the advice, information, and contacts you will need for a supportive and successful recovery on your own terms. Remember this is your journey out of addiction and all the praise goes to you. 

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