GEHA Insurance covers Federal employees across the nation. This nationwide coverage can provide medical support to clients for a number of essential to severe needs, including those with substance use and abuse. Finding a rehab for GEHA insurance policies is vital in recovery.

At the Robert Alexander Center, we work with GEHA Insurance clients to ensure their return to a healthy physical, mental, and emotional state through addiction treatment. Our clients deserve expert care from detox through addiction treatment and aftercare. We work with all individuals ready to make a change in their lives with our rehabilitation program. 

Contact the Robert Alexander Center today to see what your GEHA medical insurance covers within our addiction treatment program.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

The good news is that most insurance policies can cover rehabilitation in some capacity. Individuals who need rehabilitative care have access to treatment because of the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010. The expansion of healthcare coverage for millions of Americans provided further drug rehabilitation availability through in-network and out-of-network treatment centers. More people than ever before have access to proper healthcare through expanded care and individuals up to 26 can be covered by their parent’s insurance policy. 

Insurance policies were also expanded and required coverage of substance use disorders and addiction treatment across many different insurance policies. This guarantees that clients have access to some form of substance use disorder screening through all medical treatments. By doing so, clients can receive early intervention for potential substance abuse problems and head off any possible detrimental effects. 

What are the Benefits of Going to an In-Network Rehab?

How to find In-Network Rehab for GEHA Insurance

Many factors make going to an in-network rehab more beneficial than selecting an out-of-network facility. 

Affordability is the most significant factor in choosing an in-network rehab covered by GEHA medical insurance. Individuals who go out of network to access treatment will end up spending much more on treatment than those who choose a GEHA in-network rehab.

Another factor in finding the right GEHA medical insurance-covered rehab center is credentials. To be covered under medical insurance, a rehabilitation center will be able to provide multiple medical credentials that others may not have. This can put you at ease, knowing the GHEA in-network rehab you choose is safe and medically sound.

Lastly, it’s essential to consider how your in-network treatment limits your options for rehabilitation. When searching for a rehab, there are thousands of options that might meet your needs, but selecting from a smaller list that can be precisely manipulated to meet your needs, is a much better option. 

How to find In-Network Rehab for GEHA Insurance

Government Employee Health Association (GHEA) insurance provides several healthcare plans exclusively for Federal employees. Through these insurance plans, individuals have access to many types of rehabilitation and access to treatment through many avenues. 

To find in-network rehabilitation options for GEHA medical insurance, it is essential to check with a GEHA representative or on their website for your policy information. Have your policy number on hand to speak with a Benefits Advisor between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Another way to check if a rehabilitation center is in-network for GEHA is to speak with an admissions counselor at the treatment facility. In addition, most programs are designed to verify your insurance so that there are no hidden fees or surprise bills following addiction treatment.

At the Robert Alexander Center, we can verify coverage before an individual even speaks with an admissions counselor. Individuals who choose to attend RAC will access multiple addiction treatment programs, detoxification, and aftercare treatment. It is essential to check with your insurance carrier to ensure these offerings are covered. 

What makes clients so successful at the Robert Alexander Center is the unique combination of treatments, therapy styles, and available care. Because the Robert Alexander Center campus is so large and covers too many beneficial programs for individuals getting clean, it is essential to know which of these styles works best for you. Speak with an admissions coordinator today to get started with expert care for your journey to sobriety.

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