If you are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may have researched rehab options. There are two main possibilities that you can consider here – six month rehab programs and 90 day rehab programs. How can you prepare for these options?

Both of these possibilities are suitable for those who have a serious addiction that has developed over an extended period. They are considered to be long term rehabilitation programs and the main aim will be to ensure that when you graduate you will be completely clean and sober. 

Whether you opt for a ninety day or six month treatment plan, you will always have to prepare with the reality that you will be cut off from the outside world. This means that at least for the first few days and potentially the first few weeks you won’t be able to communicate or interact with family and friends. As you pass through the different stages, you will get more of your freedom back, gain phone calls and even visitors. 

At the beginning of both plans, you will pass through a detoxification process. The purpose of this is to rid your body of toxins that will have built up over your addiction. It prepares your body for the process of rehab and the different stages of treatment. 

Are There Differences In Preparation For a Six Month Or 90 Day Addiction Treatment Program?

The main difference between these two plans is most certainly the duration. 90 day rehab programs will be suitable for people who have been using drugs and alcohol for at least one year, developing a dependency that makes it difficult to quit. It could also be ideal for those individuals who are struggling with more serious drugs including those from prescriptions. 

In contrast, six month treatment plans will be more beneficial for those who have begun to develop health issues due to their addiction. During long term addiction, the brain changes overtime. This makes it more difficult to break the habit without intensive care. Some of the health issues an individual like this could be facing including brain damage, vitamin deficiencies, liver disease and memory trouble. Numerous individuals that suffer from substance abuse are also diagnosed with mental health conditions. In these cases, a longer stint in rehab will be absolutely essential. 

Will A Longer Rehab Stay Cost More Money?

As expected, if you or your loved one requires a longer stay in rehab, then you should expect a higher cost. However, this will also depend on the individual aspects of the center. Some centers are more luxurious and as such, they will always cost more. As such, you will need to ensure that you have the financial resources to pay for this. Be aware that certain insurance plans will cover the cost of this type of rehabilitation. 

Be aware that treatment can continue after leaving the rehab center for both a 6 month and 90 day plan. This can take the form of outpatient support. 

In some cases, patients may require intensive-outpatient care where they are struggling to remain sober. 

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