Residential or inpatient addiction rehab offers an immersive and transformative treatment experience for individuals looking to overcome substance abuse. Since individuals in inpatient rehab reside at the treatment facility for a duration of time, this form of treatment provides the structure and support needed to help them to focus entirely on their recovery.



Treatment, Healing and Transformation at a Kentucky Residential Rehab



The residential addiction treatment program at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery has the following aspects to ensure effective treatment, healing and transformation:




    1. Admission and assessment -The journey toward recovery at our Kentucky drug rehab starts with a thorough assessment to determine the individual’s emotional, physical and psychological health. This information is used to craft a personalized treatment plan tailored to their unique needs.
    2. Detox and stabilization – Before admission into our addiction treatment programs, we recommend individuals undergo detoxification. This allows the body to get rid of toxins left by drugs and alcohol. It’s done under medical supervision to ensure the individual’s comfort and safety.
    3. Therapeutic treatment – Our inpatient rehab treatment employs different therapeutic modalities to address the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction. We use individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, and motivational interviewing, among others.
    4. Holistic healing – We take a holistic approach to treatment to ensure we cater to an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our holistic therapies include yoga, mindfulness meditation, fitness programs, art therapy, etc.
    5. Life skills and coping strategies – Our residential rehab program equips individuals with the essential skills needed to manage triggers and the challenges they may encounter in their daily lives. Learning communication skills, problem-solving, stress management and even nutrition and wellness skills empowers them to navigate life in a healthy, constructive way.
    6. Family involvement – We encourage family involvement in rehab as they’re also affected by addiction. Participating in our family therapy program helps foster understanding, healing and improved communication among family members.
    7. Discharge and aftercare –Planning for life after residential treatment is critical in maintaining recovery progress and preventing relapse. That’s why we assist individuals to join community support groups, sober living communities or outpatient treatment programs to ensure a smooth transition to life after rehab.




    Discover a Path to Sobriety with Our Support



    The path to recovery can be filled with challenges but with help and guidance from the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, you can reclaim and rebuild your life.



    As the premier rehab center in Kentucky, we’ve ensured that our residential treatment program provides clients with a safe, welcoming space in a conducive environment that helps them focus squarely on their recovery. Our addiction specialists will walk with you every step of the way as you transition from residential treatment to intensive outpatient treatment and then finally outpatient care.



    Enroll in any of our evidence-based programs and let us guide you towards a renewed life full of purpose and fulfillment.


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