If you are struggling with addiction, you are not alone. There’s a reason it’s called a “battle” with substance abuse. It can be lonely. It can be isolating. As a condition, it is still dangerously misunderstood. But, if you are dealing with substance addiction, and are looking for kind and compassionate support, then the Kentucky Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center can offer a variety of programs to suit your individual needs. These might include one of the following:

  • Detoxification services
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient program

These programs all offer treatment and support without the need for residential care, which is ideal if you have family and work commitments and are looking for a drug and rehab center. 

Detoxification Services At Drug Abuse Rehab Centers

This is really one of the first steps in overcoming your substance addiction. At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we believe in learning about your individual struggle with drug or alcohol abuse. Millions of people in the US struggle with addiction on a daily basis. We use an evidence-based approach to take the first step – getting you off the harmful substance. Our mission is to make a difference to the rates of drug and alcohol abuse in Kentucky, and detoxification is the first step to that.

Intensive Outpatient Program For Steel Workers In Kentucky

This is often a more affordable option for our clients when a residential program is not required. It is still an intensive program, where you will be offered a variety of counseling and therapy to manage your addiction. Individuals are required to visit the center several days a week, for a number of hours at a time. 

This program can be tailored to you; at this drug abuse rehab center, we understand that addicts are great at coming up with excuses not to get treatment. Especially for manufacturing and steel workers, high-pressure jobs are a big obligation. That’s why this program is ideal for someone who cannot manage an in-patient program, but is still seeking the help they need to progress through their treatment and ultimately overcome their addiction.

Outpatient Program For Steel Workers In Kentucky

An outpatient program is perfect for those who are able to balance getting treatment with their daily lives and routines. If you have a family, or work commitments and obligations, then this program might be a good choice for you. Of course, there is no blanket approach to treating and managing addiction. You will still be offered therapy and counseling, in order to create more positive thought patterns which won’t lead to addictive and harmful behavior. However, there is no need to reside at the center when undergoing an outpatient program, so you will have more freedom to continue your day-to-day activities – just with the support of the drug and alcohol abuse treatment center behind you.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. However, approaching treatment with this understanding means we can tailor your program to you and your specific circumstances. Non-residential treatments are often a good way of “stepping down” from a residential program. Each type of treatment has different pros and cons, so get in touch with one of our professionals to decide which support is the best fit for you. 

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