Substance abuse is a serious problem in Maine. There have been increased cases of overdose deaths in the state mainly fueled by the opioid crisis with Fentanyl and prescription painkillers being the major culprits. The rates of heroin and alcohol addiction are also on the increase.

If you or your loved one in Maine is struggling with addiction, help is available. Addiction is a disease like any other only that this one affects individuals on multiple levels including physically, psychologically, and mentally. Unfortunately, over the years, addiction has come to be stigmatized with those struggling with it being viewed in a negative light. Because of this, most individuals battling addiction tend to hide it. The guilt and shame also keep them from seeking out treatment that would help them not only overcome addiction but also go on to live healthy lives free from the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Why Travel for Addiction Treatment?

When it comes to seeking help to beat addiction, Maine residents have several options including seeking addiction treatment in Kentucky.

You may be wondering whether traveling for substance abuse treatment is a good idea. Here are reasons why it is:

  • It gives individuals a chance to make a new beginning. Traveling to a new place can motivate you to change your habits and embrace positive healthier ones.
  • It gives you privacy. Chances are your addiction caused you to do things that you aren’t proud of. Traveling to Kentucky for rehab means that you’re unlikely to run into anyone who knows your past so you can relax and focus on your recovery.
  • Traveling helps you put distance between yourself and the negative environment back home. Being away from the triggers and stressors that contributed to your addiction is liberating. You’ll be free to concentrate on treating your addiction without worrying about running into friends you used to take drugs or drink with or running into your dealers.
  • It improves your chances of sticking to the treatment program. Let’s face it, beating addiction is brutal. It can get lonely and hard and some of the moments in therapy will be intensely uncomfortable. If you’re still in Maine, you might be tempted to give up and go back home. This is unlikely to happen if you’re in Kentucky. The distance helps ensure that you stay with the program to the end.

Who Should Travel for Addiction Treatment?

Any Maine resident who wants to receive addiction treatment can travel outside their state. Traveling to Kentucky for substance abuse treatment is ideal for you if:

  • You don’t mind spending time away from your loved ones. Rehab in Kentucky will require that you travel to a new environment away from your family and friends. It will get lonely and you will feel homesick but you can turn this around and use it as motivation to get better and return home a changed person.
  • You have tried rehab and addiction treatment programs in Maine before and relapsed. If this is the case, giving addiction treatment in another state a try may be just what you need to get your recovery journey on track.
  • You want to select the best rehab for your addiction from a wider pool. Limiting yourself to rehab centers in Maine means that you may miss out on specialized addiction treatment that’s available elsewhere in the country.
  • You want privacy and don’t want your friends or family to deal with the stigma that comes with addiction. Traveling for rehab is also ideal for you if you don’t want your work colleagues to know about your addiction or if you don’t want people judging and treating you differently because of it.

Why is the Robert Alexander Center a Great Addiction Treatment Location?

Here at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we welcome people struggling with addiction from all over the country. We believe that everyone deserves the right help and support to quit addiction and rebuild their lives.

Some of the reasons you should consider our rehab facility in Kentucky include:

  • All our addiction treatment specialists are licensed and professional. They have firsthand experience with addiction so they know how difficult it is to quit. This makes them empathetic to the struggles our clients have. They are also trained in handling various addictions and guiding those in recovery.
  • We employ a variety of treatment programs at our rehab center. We don’t just put all our clients under the same treatment program. Instead, we use different programs such as the Intensive outpatient program or the outpatient program to address our clients’ different stages of addiction. Additionally, all our programs are scientific and evidence-based.
  • Medically assisted treatment is available. Some of our clients have co-occurring conditions along with their addictions. These call for medical treatment even as these individuals progress through our addiction treatment programs. In some cases, clients also require detoxification services to clean their systems of the harmful toxins from drugs before they are ready to enter rehab.
  • We involve our clients’ families in addiction treatment. Addiction impacts the entire family and devastates your relationships with your loved ones. Family members find themselves adopting different behaviors to cope with an individual’s addiction –from becoming enablers to remaining in denial. Through our Family Therapy program, we aim to educate families on addiction, how it affects them and how to identify and avoid the risk factors. Additionally, we help families repair and improve relationships that have been broken by addiction.
  • We provide continuous support throughout the recovery process. We are invested in our clients’ recovery journeys right from when they’re admitted at our rehab facility to beyond their discharge. We provide aftercare services including linking them up with Sober Living communities and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous to help them live sober lives after treatment.

If you’re a resident of Maine looking for addiction treatment in Kentucky, look no further than the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery. Give us a call today to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through.

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