Admitting that you need help to overcome an addiction is a huge step to take. Congratulations on taking this first step toward recovery. At this point, you are probably looking around for a drug and alcohol rehab that meets your needs. It is important to do your due diligence to ensure that the facility you choose is the right one to guide you on your recovery journey.

How To Evaluate Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facilities?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. The location.

One of the first decisions to make is whether to attend rehab locally or travel for treatment. Both options have their pros and cons and the decision comes down to what you’re comfortable with. For instance, if having the support of your friends and family is important, then you can opt for a local rehab. If you need some space to get your life together, then traveling for rehab is a good choice.

  1. The type of treatment options offered.

Different rehabs provide different drug treatment options. You want to be sure that the rehab you choose has the right programs to suit your recovery needs. At the Robert Alexander Center for recovery, we start clients on a detoxification program before they can proceed to our intensive outpatient program. We also have an outpatient rehab program for those with busy schedules as well as a family therapy program to help the whole family.

  1. The environment at the rehab

Ensure you visit the facility before attending rehab there. You want a rehab that offers a serene and calm environment that is conducive to your recovery. Such an environment helps you to concentrate on your recovery and gives you time to reflect on your life, away from any previous negative influences.

  1. The staff at the facility

The staff at the treatment facility also matters. Are they qualified and experienced in your type of addiction? Are they understanding and helpful and do they know what to do in case of withdrawal symptoms? You want to be in the hands of addiction treatment professionals who know and understand what you’re going through. They also need to be accredited and certified in their area of expertise. That way, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.

  1. The cost of treatment at the rehab.

Another thing to consider when selecting a rehab is how much treatment there costs. Some rehabs cost more than others because of the amenities and accommodations they offer. These can range from spa-like facilities to adventure activities and experiential learning. Go with a rehab that suits your budget.

We Are Here To Help

At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery in Kentucky, we are dedicated to providing evidence-based, individualized drug addiction treatment options for our clients. Contact us today and we’ll help you rebuild your life and get back on a healthier and happier track.

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