Suffering from alcohol addiction is a difficult situation. Dealing with the complications of the addiction can disrupt your life, your health, and your relationships. Finding the right help can be equally as challenging. 

There are a number of treatment programs out there, but finding the right one for you and being able to pay for it is an extra challenge that those dealing with addiction may not know how to cope with. 

If you have health insurance, it’s important to check and see if they offer coverage for alcohol or substance abuse treatment so that you can get on the path to recovery instead of neglecting your health for fear of paying for treatment. 

That’s why we here at Robert Alexander Center, we work with a number of insurance providers to give folks the opportunity to get the alcohol treatment they need without worrying about how to pay for it. 

Can I Use Aetna Insurance to Cover Alcohol Treatment? 

Most insurance companies have pre-defined plans that cover a set amount of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction regardless of the needs of the individual. These amounts are usually small dollar amounts that don’t account for the type or nature of care, the length of stay for inpatient care, or a number of other factors. 

In fact, many insurers place limits on care or outright deny coverage for certain treatments even if it is deemed medically necessary. This causes many people not to seek treatment or to only get partial treatment which eventually results in relapse. 

Aetna insurance uses a different approach. Aetna has personalized plans that work to get the individual the treatment they need. 

You can contact a personal representative and find out exactly what your plan covers. The actual deductibles and copays will vary by plan, but Aetna alcohol treatment plans usually provide comprehensive coverage for the full range of therapy options. There are even provisions for Aetna alcohol treatment and Aetna substance abuse treatment plans that cover aftercare and hospital care services. 

This gives Aetna clients the comfort to know that their treatment will go the distance. 

All a person usually needs to do is contact their insurance, set up an appointment with a doctor and get a referral for treatment. This will ensure that all treatment programs are approved and eliminate any headaches once treatment has begun. The process is usually very simple and only requires a single visit. 

Coverage can include outpatient rehab, inpatient recovery stays, detoxification, and dual-diagnosis care, as well as many other programs. 

One of the best benefits of Aetna alcohol treatment is that there are zero copays before you receive services. This means that you can begin treatment without paying large deductibles and copays upfront. 

Getting the right treatment in a timely fashion is the key to overcoming your alcohol addiction. 

Benefits of Seeking Professional Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction is a disease that requires help to overcome. Trying to detox or treat yourself for substance abuse is not only more likely to be unsuccessful, it can have dangerous and even life-threatening consequences. 

The most important benefit of seeking professional substance abuse treatment from a facility like ours here at Robert Alexander Center is that you have trained medical personnel administering your care and making sure you get the help you need to maximize your success. Detox, in particular, should always be done in a safe and secure, medically supervised environment so that the complications from withdrawal can be properly managed. 

Robert Alexander Center specializes in high-end inpatient rehabilitation treatment that is client-centered and provided by only the most highly trained and professional medical staff. 

We want you to succeed and are here to help you get on the road to recovery. When it’s time to get the treatment you need, contact us today to get started!

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