Between 2019 and 2020 Kentucky experiences a 49% increase in overdose related deaths sending the number to 1,964 Kentuckians dying in 2020, the highest number of deaths in the last few years. While these statistics match the national trend increase and were likely increased because of the impact of COVID-19, it is clear that there is a need for outpatient rehab in Kentucky. 

Addiction treatment centers like the Robert Alexander Center, located just outside Louisville to the south, are ready to help by offering a variety of treatment options to meet the needs in their community. The Robert Alexander Center offers inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services to provide substance abuse treatment to a variety of individuals. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse and are ready to get help, contact the Robert Alexander Center today for a confidential assessment now.

What Is Outpatient Rehab in Kentucky?

Outpatient treatment is a consistent addiction treatment program that allows you to live away from the treatment facility. This does not include inpatient addiction treatment programs. 

Outpatient Rehab in Kentucky Explained

Outpatient rehabs combine group therapy with individual and family counseling during convenient times for you. This type of care allows for individuals to continue working, living from home, and even caring for others while working on themselves. 

Outpatient rehab requires a level of responsibility and motivation to complete. These two things are necessary because of the frequent appointments and travel. Additionally, motivation is necessary because living in a world so focused on alcohol and substances is challenging. Clients who choose outpatient care will be faced with triggers and stressors from day one. 

Oftentimes individuals will be required to go through an assessment to determine if intensive outpatient or outpatient care is a viable fit for their addiction treatment needs. Oftentimes the less intensive nature does not provide the level of treatment individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders or those with severe addiction need to be successful with addiction treatment.

Finally, outpatient treatment centers for substance abuse may have the opportunity to offer supportive medication when it comes to addiction treatment. Through this medically-assisted treatment program, clients receive supportive medication at a designated facility while attending group, individual, and or family counseling. This FDA approved process supports clients who have traditionally struggled staying sober on their own and provides additional support on their journey of rehabilitation.

How Can Outpatient Rehab Through the Robert Alexander Center Help You Get Sober?

The Robert Alexander Center’s intensive outpatient and outpatient programs can help individuals get sober by working together to create a safe and supportive environment.  Additionally, our treatment facility is able to offer detoxification services that many other outpatient facilities cannot. Through this process, we are able to support physical and mental healing from the beginning. 

Here at the Robert Alexander Center, we work with our clients to create individualized addiction treatment plans that work to specifically meet their rehabilitation and recovery needs. Through the use of traditional evidence-based practices and the addition of alternative treatments, clients learn to manage their addiction by paying attention to their mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

At the Robert Alexander Center, our clinicians and doctors work with clients to identify 

the root causes of addiction and address them for more complete healing to occur. The medical professionals in our Mount Washington location are also fully trained and equipped to deal with additional mental health disorders (dual-diagnosis) that may be impacting your ability to live and achieve life-long sobriety.

Our relaxing and welcoming campus brings a variety of clients to our doors for support on their journey of recovery. Contact us today to see how the Robert Alexander Center can support you on your journey of recovery as well. 

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