The effects of substance abuse on an individual are well-documented and known. Drug addiction can affect you physically, psychologically, and emotionally. But is the drug user the only one affected by drug use?

4 Ways Your Drug Habit Affects Your Loved Ones:

  1. Financial problems

A drug habit can be expensive to maintain. You have to constantly seek out the drug and as your tolerance increases, you need more of the drug to get high. Constant use can eventually deplete your funds and to feed your habit, you may dip into your savings. When this runs out, some addicts have resorted to stealing from their loved ones or selling household goods and family valuables to get more money. This situation may be worsened if you end up losing your job due to poor performance or absenteeism.

How Do Drugs Hurt Your Loved Ones?

As a result, money becomes tight in the house and quarrels arise because of it. Your children’s needs may not be met and your family may find it hard to meet their basic needs.

  1. Negative impact on kids

Drug addiction can distract you from your responsibilities to your children. You then fail to meet their needs, for instance, neglecting their basic needs for food or clothing, education, or social life especially if you are a single parent. This will eventually hurt your children’s health, self-confidence, and social development.

  1. Increased stress among your loved ones

Addiction to drugs demands the addict’s full attention. If you’re not getting high, you’re thinking about the next high. Due to this, your partner or spouse ends up shouldering the family responsibilities. They foot the bills, raise the kids, clean up after you and do whatever is required to keep the house running. Eventually, this takes a mental, psychological, and emotional toll on them which can lead to anxiety, stress, and even medical problems like high blood pressure.

  1. Physical and emotional abuse

Research has shown that there is a correlation between drug use and physical or emotional abuse. Thanks to drug use, you may have paranoia, mood swings, or irrational anger which makes you lash out physically or verbally and your family bears the brunt of your behavior.

We Can Help

At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery in Kentucky, we understand how drugs can end up hurting the individual as well as their loved ones. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to help drug and alcohol addicts to overcome their addiction using evidence-based methods. We offer a variety of treatment programs on both inpatient and outpatient basis ranging from detox to intensive outpatient treatment to suit our clients’ lifestyles.

Contact us today and let us help you rebuild your life and family.

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