In order to recover from an addiction, no matter how severe it is, you must first decide that it’s what you want to do. Rehabilitation can take time and requires a large amount of commitment and dedication. However, it is worth it when you come through the other side and enjoy the benefits of a life free from the difficulties and challenges of addiction. A treatment and recovery center such as the drug detox center for working union men is an excellent place to start and has ideal conditions for recovering Union men. 

Our Drug Detox Process 

Some treatment centers use a one size fits all approach to recovery that involves detox and counseling, but at the Drug Detox Center For Working Union Men, we take a more holistic approach. We enter into a dialogue with you about your current situation and your recovery goals and needs. We then work with you to design a program that’s tailor-made for you. The recovery center will help you to detox, and when you leave, you will be fully supported as an outpatient. 

The Program For Men’s Drug Detox

The program you choose will be tailored to suit your individual requirements. We have various detox options as well as individual group and family psychotherapy options. In addition, we have replacement drugs and medications, along with life skills training and outpatient support. Our outpatient support program is second to none, ensuring that you are fully supported in familiar environments when you are most at risk of relapsing. 

Continuing Care After Your Drug Detox

In the treatment center, you will be detoxed and offered a range of holistic therapies to aid your recovery. The treatment center is comfortable and home-like, but it isn’t the same as being at home. When you leave the center, you will come into contact with old friends and familiar patterns. This is a dangerous time for your recovery and requires a lot of assistance and continued support. That is why we have designed an excellent outpatient program to support you at vulnerable times. 

The Drug Detox At Robert Alexander Center 

At the Robert Alexander Residential Treatment Centre in Kentucky, you can access a range of services to support your recovery needs. We provide medically assisted treatment, group counseling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, individual counseling, and relapse prevention. When you come to us, we will discuss your circumstances and create a treatment program that’s best suited to you as an individual. Recovery at the Robert Alexander Center is supportive and holistic. 

Attending the Drug Detox Center For Working Union Men

The center for working Union men has been set up to cater to men looking to take the first steps toward recovering from drugs or alcohol addiction. We understand this is a difficult process mentally and emotionally, making it as easy and stress-free as possible. We provide a friendly and understanding space where you can discuss your recovery goals with us. Contact our Residential Treatment Center in Kentucky today at (502) 513-6242. We are available 24 hours a day, and ready to welcome you.

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