Do People Become Aggressive After Drug Rehab? Substance abuse has long been associated with violent and anti-social behaviors, with research suggesting that someone who lives with a substance abuse issue is more likely to behave violently. However, the connection between drug addiction and violence is linked to multiple factors, with addiction affecting each individual differently. 

It’s also important to be aware that just because someone who is addicted to drugs has a higher chance of becoming violent, that does not necessarily mean that they will definitely have violent traits. Everyone is different and it’s important to be aware of that fact. 

There has been a known link between drug use, addiction, and violence for a long time, but what about after drug rehab – is violence still a concern? 

Why Do Drug Addicts Often Show Signs Of Violent Behavior? 

As drug and alcohol use can weaken self-control, it’s easy to see why often people who abuse substances are known for acting violently. When someone is under the influence of a drug, it can impact their mindset and behavior, making them behave in a way that perhaps they normally wouldn’t. 

A 1995 study from the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved showed that addiction and violent behaviors often go hand-in-hand. What the research showed was that there was a direct correlation between substance abuse and violent behaviors. 

What the study also showed was that over 75% of people who seek treatment for substance abuse have reported feelings of violence and anger. 

However, it’s important to note that these feelings of anger that lead to violence are not a symptom of undergoing treatment, they usually occur while drugs are actively being used, and are instead a result of substance abuse. 

Do People Show More Anger After Drug Rehab?

Do people become aggressive after drug rehab? It is unlikely that undergoing drug rehabilitation therapy will cause anger. As often, someone who is addicted to a substance becomes angry when they abuse said substance, as the substance may alter their mind and change how they see things. 

What undergoing drug addiction rehabilitation might do is tap into some issues or memories that have previously been forgotten about, which could cause feelings of anger or upset. However, the treatment itself should not cause anger; it may simply bring to light memories or problems that are linked to anger but won’t cause anger itself. 

The best thing that someone who is addicted to a substance can do to prevent angry outbursts is to seek help and support. By getting the help needed to stop abusing substances, it becomes easier to control emotions, and thus prevent angry outbursts or violent behavior from occurring and causing danger to other people or damage to property. 

Drug rehabilitation won’t cause anger issues, if anything it will help to prevent further angry outbursts or violent mood swings as drug use should no longer be part of the individual’s life, thus preventing their mood from being changed and violent behaviors from continuing to occur. 

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