Recovering from addiction starts with a choice; that choice is to continue living the way you’re living or to change and begin the journey toward a life free from alcohol addiction. Rehabilitation is not an easy road either, but with the right support, along with dedication and commitment from you, the journey is bound to be successful. When you have decided to recover from alcohol addiction, then call the Alcohol Detox Center For Working Union Men; it is an ideal place to start.

Our Alcohol Detox Process 

At our Alcohol Detox Center For Working Union Men, we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. That is used in some centers but doesn’t cater to the diversity of needs of the men who come here. Instead, we communicate with individuals and devise a program for them that is best suited to their needs. It might require a detox along with talking therapies in groups or at an individual level. In the center, you will be fully supported, and on leaving, you can enter the excellent outpatient program to assist your recovery. 

The Program For Alcohol Detox

Everyone is unique and will require different things from our alcohol detox center. We dialogue with you extensively to find out about your addiction and make choices that are best suited to your recovery. These options include individual and family psychotherapy, replacement drugs, medications, life skills training, and outpatient support. When you leave the center following your detox and recovery, you are at high risk of relapse; that’s why we have an excellent outpatient support program. 

Continuing Care After Alcohol Detox

Our Alcohol Detox Center For Working Union Men is the place you initially go for detox and recovery. Here you will restore yourself and learn how to cope with addiction on the outside; however, it can still be difficult to handle going back into a familiar environment with lots of triggers. That’s why continuing care as an outpatient is so important. We create a good foundation for you by connecting with your counselors and medical professionals to support you when you need it most. Without this support, there is a high chance of relapse. 

The Robert Alexander Center 

The Alcohol Detox Center For Working Union Men is part of the Robert Alexander Residential Treatment Center in Kentucky. Here, there is a range of services you can access for drug and alcohol recovery treatment. These services include Group Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Individual Counseling, and Relapse Prevention. We will discuss your options with you at length and help you choose a program that is best suited to your individual needs. You will find recovery at the Robert Alexander Center, both supportive and holistic. 

Attending the Alcohol Detox Center For Working Union Men

The center for working Union men puts the needs of men at the forefront of the recovery process. We know that it can be hard to admit there is a problem and come to the center of the recovery, so we make the process as easy as possible. You will encounter friendly but professional staff who can talk to you about the issues with understanding and compassion. Contact our Residential Treatment Center in Kentucky today. We are available 24 hours a day.

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