Deciding to change your life and get sober is an important and difficult decision to make. It is also a brave one; you have to give up a life you are familiar with for a relatively unknown one. However, the rewards at the end of the journey are worth it when you live a life free from the difficulties and challenges of addiction. Below are some of the things to expect when you first attend a residential treatment center 

Choosing A Residential Treatment Center For Yourself 

The road to recovering from your addiction begins by deciding that you want to change your life and return it to a state of normality. It can be extremely difficult and challenging to live with an addiction, and the road to full recovery isn’t easy either, but with the right support, you can come through the other side and enjoy the benefits of a clean lifestyle. A Residential treatment center is an excellent way to begin the process of recovery.

Our Detox Process 

The process of recovery at a treatment center varies depending on the center you choose. Some places have a one size fits all approach to recovery while others tailor your treatment to suit your individual needs and goals. Initially, there will be a period of detox where substances are replaced with alternatives. This phase may also require some psychotherapy. Later, you will engage more with talking therapies as your medication is reduced. Post-detox is the third phase with several outpatient options. 

The Residential Treatment Center Detox Program 

If you choose a residential treatment center with a flexible recovery option, they will design a program to suit your individual requirements. At first, they will dialogue with you extensively about your situation and your addiction; a program can then be created with you that’s designed to address your immediate and long-term needs. These options might include a selection of individual and group therapies, along with complementary medication, life skills training, and additional support. 

Continuing Care After Our Residential Treatment Center

Your recovery at a residential treatment center doesn’t stop when you finish your initial detox. As an outpatient, you must commit to a treatment program long-term and seek help from the center of supporting medical staff if necessary. As an outpatient, you will be at risk of relapsing in your ordinary world, which is why a residential treatment center will provide you with continuing care and support. 

The Robert Alexander Center Detox Program

At the Robert Alexander Residential Treatment Centre in Kentucky, you can access a range of services to support your recovery needs. We provide medically assisted treatment, group counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, individual counseling, and relapse prevention. When you come to us, we will discuss your circumstances and create a treatment program that’s best suited to you as an individual. Recovery at the Robert Alexander Center is supportive and holistic. 

Attending a Detox Focused Residential Treatment Center 

Choosing to take the first step on your road to recovery is both important and difficult. The Robert Alexander Residential Treatment Centre in Kentucky makes this step as easy and stress-free as possible. It is a holistic and supportive environment available for you if you want to take that first step to get clean and enjoy a sober future. Contact our Residential Treatment Center in Kentucky today. We are available 24 hours a day.

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