Addiction is a mental illness that is painful, crushing, and lonely. Addiction knows no boundaries, and it envelopes your brain, dictating terms every day and reshaping your goals. Kentucky is at the forefront in fighting against drug and alcohol abuse. Heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs are among the most abused drugs that destroy lives. Addiction not only affects the user but their family and society at large.

Approximately 159,000 Vermonters, 25.39% of the state population, engage in drug abuse. Another 6.39% abuse alcohol. Consequently, almost 21.11% of all deaths between 2008 and 2017 in Vermont resulted from drug and alcohol abuse. That is why Robert Alexander Center for Recovery is dedicated to helping patients experiencing drug and alcohol addiction discover their path to personal and long-term recovery.

What are Our Treatment Services?

At Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, compassionate care is our rule of thumb. We ensure all patients are treated with humane standards, and that is why Kentucky is a great addiction Treatment location for Vermont Residents.

Get help today with the following evidence-based treatment services:

Detoxification for Vermont Residents

The first step to healing once you recognize you need help is to detox and eliminate toxins from your body. It provides a clean slate for you to begin rebuilding your life without physical dependency. The detoxification process gets you in shape to begin your recovery program by getting rid of alcohol or drugs in your system. The severity of your addiction could call for a medically assisted detox to reduce cravings and assist with withdrawals.

Professionals at our Robert Alexander Center for Recovery Kentucky understand what you’re going through. They will be there to guide and supervise your detox process while creating a comfortable atmosphere to help ease your troubles.

Residential inpatient for Vermont Residents

Residential inpatient programs at Kentucky allow you to receive care while living in the facility. The inpatient care is intense and occurs after a drug detox to give you stability mentally and physically for one to three months. The residential term implies that you live in the facility but a more comfortable and home-like environment without the clinical vibe.

Residential care is a transition period that lasts longer and has more freedom to usher you into sobriety. You will have all the necessary amenities at our Kentucky residential inpatient treatment facility with a touch of modern luxury.

Intensive outpatient for Vermont Residents

Once you’ve completed a Kentucky inpatient program, attend intensive outpatient programs. They allow you to get back to your life routine while still working towards your recovery. Intensive outpatient programs in Kentucky require you to be in attendance every morning or evening on weekdays.

These treatment programs are ideal for those dealing with minor ailments and less severe addiction. They should also have solid support at home and from the community. There is little to no supervision with intensive outpatient programs. Therefore, you have to be self-driven to come in for all therapy sessions.

Another reason why Kentucky is a great treatment location for Vermont residents is that you must undergo an assessment to determine your unique needs before joining the program. A personalized recovery program is created to suit those needs.

Outpatient program for Vermont Residents

Many drug and alcohol addiction patients fail to receive the much-needed care to responsibilities they have to commit to daily. An outpatient program is an ideal option for them, especially when they cannot leave school, work, or need to be with family. With our Kentucky outpatient program, you mustn’t check into the facility, but you will receive the best care, the same level as inpatient programs.

You can keep living your life undisrupted by coming in for treatment some days during the week but still reside at home. Attend treatment sessions to receive medication, counseling, and therapy if it’s part of your treatment plan.

Aftercare and Alumni

You reap the rewards of rehab when you get back control over your life. However, recovery is a process you have to cultivate throughout your life by putting into practice what you have learned during your treatment.

Robert Alexander Recovery Center focuses on giving every patient a personalized approach for their path to ensure lasting success. This is why Kentucky is a great addiction treatment location for Vermont residents. Part of the aftercare and alumni program involves family and continued therapy to ensure you get the support you need for long-term recovery.

Get help today

Visit us today to get help for you or your family at Robert Alexander Center for Recovery. Our professionals will provide an assessment and create a personalized approach to start you on evidence-based treatment for your addiction. We’re here for you all the way to ensure you have a long-lasting recovery.

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