When you have an addiction to a substance it can affect almost every aspect of your life, it affects your work, your family, your relationships, and much more. Even a small addiction can take its toll on your health over time and cause distractions from life’s important moments and possibilities. 

If you think you might have an addiction and could benefit from some support, the Kentucky Center is here to provide you with the best advice, facilities, and staff. The Kentucky Center is well-known for its compassionate support, excellent facilities, and results. If you’re interested in living a life free of addiction, read on for more information. 

Addiction Treatment for Michigan Residents

When you’re in the clutches of addiction it can seem as though there is no way out. You become so familiar with the habits, routines, emotions, and substances, that it becomes normality, in many ways. Whether it’s obvious to you or not that you have an addiction, the first step on your road to recovery is to seek assistance in the form of a treatment option. 

This is an important but difficult task. You have to recognize that you have an issue and confront the stigma associated with drug addiction. However, by addressing the immediate and underlying issues of your addiction you will recover your true normality and win back a life you thought you had lost. 

The Kentucky Center is the best place to begin your recovery journey. When you contact the center you will encounter staff who are friendly, professional, and compassionate. They will be interested in getting to know you and your circumstances and arranging a treatment option to suit your goals. 

Detoxification in Kentucky

Your recovery journey can be viewed as various layers. There is a reason for your addictions and lifestyle, which aren’t all to do with the physical addiction to a substance. Some of it is associated with underlying mental and emotional issues that need to be addressed. To do this, you first have to flush the substance from your system with detoxification. 

The intensity of the detoxification process will depend on the level and nature of your addiction, it may require intensive techniques to wean you off the substance or a gentle approach. Whatever process you go through you will have the best facilities and the most compassionate support. Your detoxification is the first layer of your recovery.

Following detox, you will engage in a process of therapy that will seek to understand the mental and emotional conditions that led to your addiction. You may be surprised by what you find. The process of recovery is not always easy but in the end, it leads to happiness, fulfillment, and a life free from substances. 

Intensive Addiction Treatment 

Some people only have light addictions, while they are still serious and harmful they may not require intensive treatment options and can be dealt with on an outpatient basis; others will need more intensive solutions such as detoxification and intensive therapy to free themselves from destructive tendencies. 

The Kentucky Center offers a range of options for all types of conditions. The most popular and successful are the intensive inpatient and intensive outpatient programs. Typically, these follow a process of detoxification followed by talking therapies and regular communication. The intensive options offer a high chance of recovery in a short time. 

If you notice signs that you may be addicted to a substance it could be time to contact the Kentucky Center and ask about their intensive options. Signs might include driving while under the influence, a conversation with friends or family, or a life incident that wouldn’t have happened were it not for the substance. 

Outpatient Program

Not everyone can commit to an intensive inpatient program with full detoxification and therapy. The process can last weeks and you need to have that time available. The majority of people with addiction, however, also have jobs, families, and responsibilities, that would fall apart without their attendance. 

The Kentucky Center recognizes this and has a very effective outpatient program to accommodate those with conventional life circumstances. While convenient, this approach is also hazardous; it means treatment must take place within the patient’s familiar environment where triggers and influences continue to have an effect. As a result, this approach requires a high degree of commitment and dedication. 

When you arrive at the Kentucky Center you will be interviewed and your circumstances will be assessed. We can work with you to design a program tailored to your needs and goals. If you decide on an intensive outpatient option, you will be fully supported with professional services and regular attendance at the local clinic. 

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