When you’re a union member, you’re able to get help for addiction treatment if necessary. Unlike any at-will employee, you don’t have the risk of being terminated any time without proper cause. This union protects your job under many scenarios and circumstances. The more seniority you have in your title, the more unlikely it will be that you will be terminated from your role. Therefore, if you do suffer from an addiction, you don’t necessarily need to worry so much about losing your job.

You’ve also got an addiction benefit of being a union member which is that you have better health benefit than those who aren’t in a union. With most health insurance plans nowadays covering addiction treatment, your union benefits will surely cover most drug counselling to some extent. These health benefits and immunity make getting help for drug addiction a lot easier and a lot less stressful on your part. However, you should consult your union representative or HR within your employment to check what you are eligible for and what coverage you do have for addiction treatment.

Reasons Why Inpatient Detox Treatment Is The Best Option For You

Union Supported Detox & How To Get Drug Counseling Help

Addiction is something that doesn’t care about timing, who you are or what you’re going through already. It means that many of the outpatient programs are likely going to have little or less effective than an inpatient program would have. Outpatient addiction programs are good for those working adults who can’t take time off to have the treatment and are therefore the best option than no treatment at all.

However, research has shown that spending more than 90 days in an inpatient treatment center can produce a higher success rate.

There’s Less Chance Of A Relapse with Drug Counseling

There can often be relapses during the earlier stages of your recovery and so it’s important to be in an in-house treatment center than having an outpatient program. With outpatient programs, there’s more chance of you relapsing because whatever drug you’ve been taking, it’s easily accessible. Within an inpatient treatment center, there’s very little chance of you getting your hands on any drugs. These treatment centers are able to help you through the most challenging part of your recovery and where you’re most vulnerable to relapse.

You’ve Got A Structured Supported Environment

With an inpatient rehab, your days will be more structured than you would get with an outpatient treatment. You’re in an environment that has to adhere to strict schedules and this is also where you’ll be bombarded with recovery-related and therapeutic materials that are going to help with your progress. With outpatient treatments, you have to deal with potential triggers or stressors before your next session. It means that the likelihood of relapsing is going to be greater as a result.

Drug Counseling Help Gives You A Combination Of Psychological And Physiological Treatments 

Union Member? How To Get Drug Detox and Counseling Help

Addiction is more than just a physical battle but a mental one too. It’s important that you’re given an equal combination of both to ensure that you overcome the addiction successfully. It’s important to get you through the withdrawal stage which is the physical aspect and then to tackle the mental side of the addiction once you’re strong enough in the body. If you decide to go with an outpatient option, then you have to sort out your own detox treatment and that could be a costly expense that might also prove too complicated for you to do.

No Distractions

There’s a policy that most treatment centers have and that’s the limit of contact you have with friends, family and the outside world. Their reasoning for this is that there will be too many distractions and so it’s good to keep these distractions to a minimum where they can be controlled.  There are many outside dramas and distractions you can get in your personal life and so it’s good to keep them outside of the treatment center.

If you’re after support when it comes to an addiction, it’s important you get the help straight away. Those who are addicted to any type of substance will often feel they have control of the addiction but in fact, it’s very rare that this is the case. It’s important to take advantage of an inpatient program where you can as there is more chance that you can beat the addiction more successfully. There’s also less of a chance that you will relapse due to the excellent and detailed treatment that every treatment center provides. If you’re going to ask for help, then try to get support with an inpatient program.

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