We all need technology to function, well most of us anyway. As it’s regarded as an invention that makes life easier, it also makes tasks more efficient and communication a lot easier to do. But can technology be a hindrance for those in rehabilitation centers?

Technology can certainly hinder a person’s recovery from substance abuse. However, there has been a study conducted that has found using technology can offer a potential from the assessment until the treatment stage of an individual recovering. With this article, we’ll look at how patients may use technology during rehabilitation and whether it helps or hinders the recovery process.

Technology Used During Rehabilitation

When it comes to a person undergoing rehabilitation, they need to be continuously connected to the outside world. It might be necessary for many professionals who are undergoing treatment to be in touch with their work or business in order to keep their job or business alive. And many rehabilitation experts agree with this, which is why many more facilities are now allowing the use of smartphones, laptops, and other technologies for those patients who need it. It’s of the thought that if they were to be isolated from technology, then they may be discouraged from admitting themselves into these rehabilitation centers as a result of the technology restrictions. 

This study that was made by industry experts has proven that technology can be used during detox and a substance abuse recovery. Professionals wouldn’t need to worry about these restrictions and can get the help they need from these centers.

Many rehabilitation facilities have chosen to allow the use of such technology during free-time. Whilst it’s still limited in many addiction treatment centers when it comes to technology amongst their patients, it gives those professionals and individuals the time they need to communicate with the outside world when they need it.

The Use Of Technology In Detox and Rehabilitation

There are several benefits that come with using technology when recovering from substance abuse. The following are just some of those advantages that come with using technology:

  • Getting support from friends, family, and colleagues
  • It’s an important part of modern life and being able to keep the individual updated.

Being able to use technologies for these reasons is why many rehabilitation centers are offering this luxury to help their patients recover. Overall, technology can end up offering more benefits than disadvantages.

Being able to have easier contact with friends and family thanks to technology, it can help make updating your progress a lot easier. It helps to receive support quickly, rather than the lengths of time it might have taken without that technology is in place. Several rehabilitation centers have noted that technology is integrated permanently into modern life and many of us rely on it as part of our daily life and wellbeing. Prohibiting the use of it may end up being counter-productive. 

Is Technology at an Addiction Treatment Center A Distraction?

Does technology prove a distraction for recovery from substance abuse and for the detoxing process? The common misconception is that many might see it as a hindrance because it shifts your focus from the substance abuse you have. Many of those who admit themselves to a rehab center do in fact continue to use social media throughout their recovery. A 2018 study further disclosed that it’s prolonged use of this technology often led to relapse. It’s one aspect of the argument that is worth monitoring seriously on a case-by-case basis.

Technology can certainly help those in recovery but it might also prove to be a hindrance for those who may rely on it too much. It’s a balance that should be managed when it comes to each individual. If you find that you need help for a substance addiction, it’s important to seek help right away. There are many treatment centers out there that are waiting to help should you or your loved one ever need the professional support.

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