Meth is a highly addictive stimulant drug that’s notoriously difficult to quit. While relapse is a common part of the recovery process, the rates of meth addiction relapse are higher than for other substances.

To Prevent a Meth Relapse, Watch Out for These Warning Signs:

·                  Isolating from friends and family.

·                  Experiencing meth cravings.

·                  Failing to attend support group meetings or not participating during the meetings.

·                  Feeling nostalgic about meth use and reminiscing on the positives of meth use while glossing over the negatives and minimizing the consequences associated with meth addiction.

·                  Feeling overwhelmed with stress and problems of daily living.

·                  Bottling up emotions and failing to properly manage emotions such as sadness, anger, boredom or stress.

·                  Failing to take care of yourself either by having poor eating habits, lack of exercise or getting inadequate sleep.

·                  Hanging out with people using drugs or looking for reasons to be around meth. It’s hard to stay sober in the face of constant temptation.

Reasons Why People Go Back to Using Meth

The most common reasons for meth relapse include:

·        Not having a relapse prevention plan in place. Those who do not have a proper plan to deal with the cravings, triggers, and other challenges brought about by recovery from meth are more likely to relapse.

·        Dealing with stress and other negative emotions. Once they leave rehab, those in recovery face all the stress and negative emotions that come with daily living. These people may have previously used meth to deal with or avoid these negative emotions and are likely to fall back on old habits.

 ·        Exposure to a negative environment. As mentioned earlier, hanging around people who use meth and other drugs or even being in an environment that isn’t conducive to recovery can lead to relapse.

·        Thinking it’s safe to start using again. People recovering from meth addiction may believe that they can control their meth use without getting addicted again only to find out the opposite is true.

Relapse Prevention in Kentucky

If you or your loved one is struggling with meth addiction or relapse and are looking for addiction treatment in Kentucky, the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery is ready to assist you. We know how painful addiction is and how disappointing it can be to deal with relapse. That is why we aim to provide compassionate, affordable, and judgment-free addiction treatment services to all those who need them.

Our addiction treatment programs range from detox to intensive outpatient care and outpatient drug rehab. Additionally, we offer a family therapy program to assist families that have been affected by alcohol or drug abuse. Once you arrive at our Kentucky rehab treatment facility, we’ll conduct an assessment and then craft a personalized treatment plan based on your unique recovery goals. 

This way, you’ll be matched with the right treatment program for your needs so you can progress through recovery at your own pace.  

Contact us today, and let us help you turn your life around for the better.

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