Residential inpatient treatment is always recommended for individuals struggling with addiction and substance use disorders, but what if that process doesn’t work for you?

There is another way. Outpatient alcohol treatment centers are designed to meet a separate set of needs from residential treatment.

At the Robert Alexander Center, we treat clients at all stages of the addiction treatment and rehabilitation process. Our campus holds detoxification, inpatient treatment, and outpatient and family treatment options designed to support clients every step of the way.

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What is outpatient alcohol treatment?

Outpatient alcohol treatment is specially designed for addiction treatment for individuals who are residing in their homes or sober house. It is a specially designed treatment program that fits the schedule and needs of clients who may be continuing to work, attend school, or have other obligations that make attending a residential treatment program difficult. 

Outpatient alcohol treatment is designed to help individuals maintain a semblance of normalcy in their lives while getting addiction treatment for a substance use disorder. This can benefit many clients as they can maintain contact and continue to work while they are working on themselves. 

Individuals who choose outpatient alcohol treatment are selecting a program specifically designed to increase motivation and which has an early focus on relapse prevention strategies that are immediately necessary. Because individuals in outpatient rehab are exposed to the real world early on in addiction treatment, they must be familiar with how to battle the struggles from the start.

Outpatient alcohol treatment can also offer multiple treatment styles and opportunities for clients. Outpatient therapy can be done online, in person, in a small group, or individually. The outpatient process allows for extreme individualization through an addiction treatment program. Clients can work with a counselor or therapist to design a treatment schedule and plan that is in the client’s best interests and is supportive of their needs.

Lastly, outpatient alcohol treatment is designed to support clients who are using Medication-Assisted Treatment as part of their addiction treatment programs. Individuals who use MAT as part of their treatment plan can combine their outpatient therapy with the medication necessary for recovery. 

Who is outpatient alcohol treatment for?

Outpatient alcohol treatment is for anyone who wants to change their drinking and live a sober lifestyle. While this process is open to all individuals, we at the Robert Alexander Center want you to be your most successful through addiction treatment. We have detailed some specific individuals who might benefit most from outpatient treatment programs.

Individuals who might benefit most from an outpatient treatment program are individuals who:

  • Have just completed an inpatient treatment program and need to maintain their treatment
  • Have been diagnosed with a mild substance use disorder or who feel they have a drinking problem that needs to be addressed
  • Have external responsibilities that can not be alternatively managed during a residential treatment program (though, it is still recommended that inpatient detox be completed under the care of a medical professional)
  • Have recently mentally or even physically relapsed and need the structure and support of a treatment program to get back on track.

These clients will be best served in an outpatient program, but there are some clients who might not meet with as much success. Clients with multiple mental health disorders (comorbid diagnosis, dual diagnosis) may not have the sufficient structure to manage both disorders, clients who have been diagnosed with a moderate to severe substance use disorder, or those who are addicted to multiple substances may not receive the extensive treatment necessary for their success, and it is recommended that these clients, at least initially, start with a residential treatment program.

Finding Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers in Kentucky

You might think finding outpatient alcohol treatment centers in Kentucky is difficult, but think again. At the Robert Alexander Center, we offer comprehensive addiction treatment from the most intensive detoxification environments to the least restrictive outpatient therapy

Our large campus is designed to support anyone and everyone who is ready to make a change. We combine unique alternative therapies with traditional treatments designed to create a holistic wellness approach that helps our clients achieve and maintain sobriety. 
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