At least 21 million people in the United States struggle with at least one addiction, and yet, only roughly 10% of these people are able to access treatment. Amongst these statistics, men are most likely to be affected, as they are more likely to drink and take drugs on a regular basis, as well as be less likely to seek or be offered the help they need to combat dependency. 

And these statistics affect men of all ages. Indeed, men between the ages of 18 and 25 are most likely to become dependent on alcohol, and men over the age of 50 are just as likely to be using drugs on a regular basis. It’s important to remember this when offering judgment-free treatment for anyone living with addiction. 

That’s why a residential treatment center could be the best thing for you, or for a family member. Losing control over your ability to control how much you drink, or the amount of recreational drugs you take, is something that can clearly grip all of us, but it should never be a problem you’re forced to live with. 

So, if you’re ready to get help, or you’re sitting down with someone who’s ready to get help, here’s what you need to know about our Men’s Residential Treatment Center here in Kentucky.

Adult Residential Treatment Center For Addiction In Kentucky

What Happens in a Residential Treatment Center?

There are many programs offered in our Kentucky addiction treatment center, and what happens within a center like this can vary from day to day, as well as from patient to patient. 

Most of all, whether you’re a Kentucky resident or you come from a surrounding state, we aim to make you feel welcome, and like you can use our facilities to feel happier and healthier on your way to recovery. 

 You can take a look through the tabs on our website to find out more about what we do here. We have a list of the typical rules available for you to read, to ensure you’re not walking into a completely unknown world. But before you go, we also offer a little look into the programs we structure for our patients below. 

What Programs Do Patients Find Most Useful?

Our addiction treatment center offers quite a few different programs, in order to support different kinds of patients with all kinds of addictions and dependencies. Our patients over the years have found many of them useful, and we feel it’s important to let any potential newcomers know just a snippet of the work we do with and for you: 

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment 

We know that alcohol is the most commonly abused substance around the world, and that’s why we offer a program to ensure that you get the support you need, even after you leave the inpatient program. We don’t just sign you out and say goodbye; we have aftercare teams available at all times, and a structure for you to follow to properly integrate back into life after treatment. Click the link above for more information on the outpatient program we tailor to you. 

Outpatient Drug Treatment 

We know every person comes to the realization that they need help in their own little way, and that’s why we have an outpatient drug treatment that’s tailored to you in a way that’ll give you more structure in your life. We know that’s what our patients need right now before they rejoin life in the way they want to or feel used to, and we aim to support them every single step of the way. 

Adult Residential Treatment Center For Addiction In Kentucky

Finding the Right Treatment Center For You in Kentucky

There are many excellent addiction treatment centers in Kentucky, but finding the right one for you is essential. You need to know you can work with the facilities on offer, and get the support you need, and that means doing your research here. However, we aim to make this easier for you. 

Here at the Robert Alexander Center, we know just how hard it can be to reach out for aid in such a sensitive area. But we know just how beneficial the programs we offer can be, and we thoroughly encourage you to consider the pros and cons of coming to a consultation with us. Feel free to get in touch with us. We’re open 24 hours because we know that the need to reach out can occur at any hour. 

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