Self-love and having positive mental habits is something that is so important when dealing with addicts and treating addiction. Some of the reasons for addiction could be because of low self-worth and having negative mental habits, which is why looking deeper into this is so important. These areas teach patients how they can improve their lives and help them to put themselves in a positive mental state which ultimately will help them to recover and avoid temptation. At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we support women and support the need for self-love and positive mental habits. 

How we support self love & positive mental habits in women

One of the first things that we will do, as part of the initial detox, is to look at the negative core belief system that our patients have. This is based on how you feel about yourself, which usually starts in childhood, which means that women can feel that they are unwanted, unloved, and even dirty and worthless. It gets planted in your mind as a child and can be reinforced through adolescence and then adulthood. As a result of this, women can reach for behaviors that lead to addiction, which reinforces what they think about themselves even further. 

The self-loathing and hating can elevate as a result, but what we do is help to challenge that belief system and help you to have positive mental habits. We can help you through our therapy and treatments to show you that you are inherently a good person, and through this can guide you down a path of being able to forgive yourself and learn to love yourself.

Combating self-sabotage to support self-love

Self-sabotage is when you engage with self-destructive behavior, which is something that is common with addicts. When things are going well in life we don’t feel worthy of it or we are just waiting for it to go wrong. Instead of waiting, something that is common with addicts is that they just make it go wrong before it has the chance to go wrong. What we do to help combat this is to talk about self-destructive behaviors and self-sabotage and identify to our female patients how to do this. We can then help to guide them down a different path, one which is more about self-love and self-forgiveness; it is possible!

Positive mental habits

Trauma can be the fuel to a lot of negative thoughts and negative mental attitudes. This self-loathing is what can fuel addiction, and in order to remain free from addiction for life, this is what needs to be dealt with. We can help to teach our patients the skills that they need to love themselves and to forgive themselves. 

If you have lived for years feeling miserable, then now is the time to put yourself first and to learn to love yourself and get the help that you need. As an inpatient or an outpatient, we can help you to love yourself again and to create positive mental habits, which can help in all areas of your life, especially in addiction recovery. 


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