Although addiction is a disease like any other, it still comes with some stigma. Unfortunately, addicts are still blamed for the disease and it’s seen as a moral failing on their part. This sort of attitude makes those dealing with addiction want to hide their habits. It also keeps them from seeking the treatment they so desperately need to turn their lives around.

If you’re dealing with addiction, the most important thing to do is admit you have a problem. The next step is looking for a suitable rehab center to receive addiction treatment. However, going to rehab might be difficult if you want to keep it under wraps.

There are many reasons why you’d not wish anyone to know you’re attending rehab. Maybe you’re a prominent person in the community and don’t want to put your reputation on the line. Perhaps you don’t want your friends or co-workers to know about it because they might start to look and treat you differently. Either way, you can’t afford to have people know about your addiction treatment.

Private Addiction Treatment in Kentucky

If you want to receive addiction treatment while still preserving your community reputation, you can opt for private rehab. Private addiction treatment is the ideal solution because it allows you to get treatment in an anonymous and private setting.

At the Robert Alexander Centre for recovery in Kentucky, we specialize in providing clients with private rehab treatment. Our facility and treatment programs are geared towards giving clients the utmost confidentiality to pursue their recovery.

Our rehab facility is designed to be welcoming and conducive to complement and encourage your recovery from addiction. We are situated in serene and tranquil surroundings, far from any distractions, thereby helping you and our other clients to focus on getting better.

We also have experienced medical personnel amongst our staff. These nurses and doctors provide medical assistance especially to those going through our detoxification program. Detox often comes with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms so our medical personnel is on hand to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Additionally, we offer personalized addiction treatment programs, whether you opt for the residential program or the outpatient rehab. As part of our intensive outpatient program, we will conduct a pre-admission test to find out your treatment and recovery needs then come up with a treatment plan based on these needs.

Seek Treatment Today

Don’t let fear of running your community reputation stand in the way of receiving addiction treatment. Instead, choose to turn your life around by going for private rehab treatment. This way, you will still receive much-needed treatment while still preserving your reputation.

Get in touch with us at the Robert Alexander Center for recovery to get started on your addiction treatment and recovery journey.

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