Are you anxious to get your license back after being charged with a DUI and going through rehab? This article will explain everything you need to know about this process including the steps that you should take. 

Drunk driving is a common concern in almost every state across America. Every year thousands of people get into accidents on the road after consuming alcohol and are charged with a DUI. Many of these individuals have a problem with alcohol dependency. They require treatment and support to ensure that they do not end up in the situation again. 

The best treatment option for alcoholics will typically be a treatment rehabilitation program. Police officers and courts are often keen to provide rehab options to drunk drivers for two key reasons. First, they are worried about habitual drunk drivers where drinking while driving isn’t a one off problem but rather a recurring issue. 

The idea is that if someone has a legitimate problem with alcohol consumption then the successful completion of a treatment program will reduce the chances of that individual becoming a repeat offender. This could ultimately save their life as well as the lives of other individuals on the road. 

What Treatment Will Be Provided After A DUI?

There are various forms of treatment that can be provided to patients with alcohol dependency who have been charged with a DUI. This could include detoxification. An important process, this prepares the body for the recovery program, clearing out the toxins that are present due to alcohol consumption. 

Treatment may also include outpatient support. This provides a way for individuals to get back into their normal routine while still ensuring they can access the structure of support that they need. 

Intensive-outpatient support may be required for patients who are already struggling to remain sober, after a stint in rehab. 

Getting Your License Back After Graduating Rehab

Losing your driving license can be devastating. It could mean that you struggle to handle personal responsibilities such as taking your children to and from school. It could also limit your income and make it more difficult for you to find work. Particularly, if your current position is tied to your ability to drive a vehicle. 

It is possible to gain a probationary license in court. This will usually be contingent on the successful completion of a treatment program. A probationary license will provide the offender with the right to drive. 

However, you will need to make sure that you abide by the laws of the road. You could also be required to complete drug and alcohol tests regularly to ensure that you are clean while on the road. 

In some cases, you will require legal support to get your full license back even after you have graduated from rehab. Judges can be more lenient where public transport might not be an option or if you have shown tremendous growth in rehab, with regards to your addiction. 

We hope this helps you understand the key considerations you should keep in mind if you want to gain your license back after a DUI. 

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