All types of relationship abuse or domestic violence can originate from one person’s desire to control and have power over the other person. Addiction is closely linked to relationship abuse in a big way. If someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then they are much more likely to lose control, meaning that there is much more of an increased chance of abusive behavior in the relationship. Not only can it lead to being abusive when under the influence of addictive substances, but it can lead to using these substances more and more to cope, if you are the person in the relationship being abused. Addiction and abuse go hand in hand, but there are ways that you can break the cycle, by getting help with us at Robert Alexander.

How Does Relationship Abuse Impact Addictions For Women?

Relationship abuse is something negative that happens when you are supposed to be in the confine of a loving relationship. Abuse can vary from physical or sexual abuse as well as more subtle forms of abuse, such as gaslighting and coercive control. No matter what form the abuse takes, it is something that is traumatic and can affect you more than you may realize. For many women, the constant degradation can leave them feeling worthless and low. When you feel unloved, like there is no way out of this relationship, or even that you deserve being treated this way, then it can come as no surprise that women can drug and use drugs as a way to cope and deal with what they are experiencing. 

Women can often feel like there is no one that they can talk to about this either, meaning their feelings become internalized as they try to cope alone. This is a cycle that just perpetuates the abuse and the substance abuse.

Treatment for Addiction and Relationship Abuse

The key to sobriety and having the freedom from an abusive relationship is to not just find treatment for the abuse and violence, but also treatment for substance abuse. At Robert Alexander Center we can help both the abuser and the abused to overcome substance addiction, helping you to improve the overall quality of your life. Acknowledging that help is needed is the first step, but it is a step in the right direction. 

Getting help for the Trauma from Relationship Abuse

There is some good news because you can get help and learn how to rebuild yourself, as well as your life. As part of our recovery treatments, we have therapy that helps to address relationship violence and go through the ways that it has impacted you. Relationship abuse can impact your self-worth and can impact your life if you are now an addict as a result of using addictive substances to cope. 

If this sounds like you, then there is no need to feel ashamed. Get in touch with one of our expert teams today, by calling or getting in touch by filling our form online. We can help to reverse what has happened to you as a result of relationship abuse and help you to get on the right path to living a happy and addiction-free life. 

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