Did you know that one of the highest rates of addiction in the workforce occurs in the healthcare system? Doctors and nurses do extremely hard work, and they are under a lot of pressure: the lives of other people are literally in their hands every single day. Across the country, more than 100,000 doctors, technicians, nursers and other health professionals are handling addiction every single day. Most of the time, doctors and other healthcare professionals deal with addictions that are surrounding prescription medications and alcohol. 

Any working professional looks for a way to relax after a busy working day, but when your job involves socially difficult hours and pressure beyond anything most human beings cope with, it becomes a much harder issue. A way to escape the emotional and mental stress is common, and the difference with doctors and other healthcare professionals is that they are able to access highly addictive drugs, so the temptation is more intensive than most. This allows an addiction to be created and fed easily, and that doesn’t make it okay, it’s just the reality.

The rate of addiction in healthcare professionals is high but there is hope. Along with a high addiction rate, there is also a high recovery rate. With the help of our addiction service team, healthcare industry professionals are able to come through addiction while understanding exactly what to do to keep themselves on track.

Why The Addiction Rates Are High For Healthcare Professionals

Doctors and healthcare professionals are doing hard work in highly pressurized environments. There are so many aspects of their profession that are going to make them more likely to fall into addiction compared to other professionals out there. The most common reason behind addiction in healthcare workers is their access to powerful medications, which are very tempting in times of stress. There is also an in-depth, scientific understanding in the effects that these substances will have on them, and they know in a new way that this can offer them an escape.

This temptation along with an exhausting workload makes medical professionals more susceptible to addiction, and their jobs are so spur of the moment in their need for decision-making, the stress regarding the health and wellbeing of others is not always easy to manage. Turning to addictive substances is the way out of that stress, and it’s understandable. 

The responsibility for a life can put a huge burden on their emotional and mental state, and this substance abuse results in an unraveling of their world as they know it. While doctors and healthcare professionals are in work that makes them highly regarded individuals, highly respected in their work – and more vulnerable than most. People who take on the world and woes of others are stronger and braver than others, but they’re not immune to mistakes and to addiction. The good news is that there are plenty of addiction treatment programs out there to make an exhausted, stressed and addicted healthcare professional well once again. 

Sometimes, the healthcare professional has to let others take control and while that may be difficult, admitting there is a problem is the first step.

What Do Addiction Treatment Centers Address?

A medical professional in addiction treatment may find it difficult to be told how to recover and what to do to recover, but some of the things that an addiction treatment center will address include:

  • How to get back on track with the career they left behind to get well
  • Returning to professional practice without temptation of more substances
  • Licensing and disciplinary matters and meetings
  • Avoiding triggers
  • Monitoring programs and meeting participation
  • Continuing aftercare

Contact Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center Now

There are plenty of reasons for any doctor or medical professional to feel hopeful as they go through recovery. With the right therapies and doctors, you can ensure that you can maintain your sobriety once treatment has finished. Treatment for an addict never truly ends and you will be fighting this addiction forever, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be on top of it. Treating addiction takes time, effort and plenty of investment of your time and your will to get well. 

A patient from any background deserves to feel strong and supported, and those who spend their lives facing the stress of holding other lives in their hand? They deserve it, too. Contacting Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center professionals today is the smartest thing that you can do to get back to yourself once again.

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