Detoxing when it comes to drug addictions, is extremely helpful in some cases to prepare your body. Overcoming an addiction is a long process for some and a detoxifying process can be done at the start of this journey.

In order to make a detox successful, there are a number of influences that will be explained in this article. Food is considered to be a helpful focus when it comes to an individual’s detox. It’s one that can be useful in helping to keep the body healthy and in good shape. 

As we know in general health and well-being, certain foods can be a lot better to consume than others. In this guide, you’ll understand five foods that are worthwhile eating during a drug detox treatment.

What is a drug detox?

Detoxing in the sense of a drug detox is where the body is removed of all substances, whether that be drugs or alcohol. The body may still have substances in its system when you first approach an addiction treatment center.

It’s a short-term intervention that will flush the body out during a drug treatment. This is often assisted with the help of medication when staying at a facility. This ensures that the body isn’t going cold turkey or reacting severely to withdrawal.

There are lots of withdrawal systems that occur that can be helped with medication during this drug detox process. The drug detox may vary in length depending on the severity of the drug addiction and how much is in the body when the person checks into the facility for the first time.

A drug detox is the start of the addiction treatment and ensures you’re physically stable and ready to start your journey.

The benefits of food for a drug detox

There are many benefits to food when it comes to the body. In the case of a drug detox, the benefit is that it helps replace all the nutrients that your body has likely been starved of since your addiction.

Whether it’s alcohol rehab or drug rehab that you’re faced with, food can be a helpful way to get all of the various nutrients that your body needs in order to feel fit and healthy again.

Five foods to eat during a drug detox

Here are five foods worth eating that will help give you a nutrient boost for your body during a drug detox.


Provides vitamin B6, folic acid, and beta-carotene which is useful for those on an alcohol treatment program.

Red meat

Great for omega-3 fatty acids and calcium.


High in vitamin C and other essential vitamins. It’s also rich in antioxidants which are great for flushing the system of nasties.


Complex carbohydrates are a must for fiber that will help digestion and boost energy levels.


Any type of dairy can be great as it’s rich in Vitamin A as well as live cultures that are good for digestive health.

The power of food is undeniable and many patients will certainly feel the benefits of eating the right foods during this detoxification of their bodies.
A great treatment facility like Robert Alexander Center can be helpful for those who need a service like this, along with intensive outpatient and outpatient services.

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