Pennsylvania seems to be in the grip of a substance abuse epidemic. If you’re a Pennsylvania resident, this probably does not come as a surprise to you. With statistics telling us that both prescription and recreational drugs are often reached for during hard times, more and more people from Pennsylvania are reaching out for help. 

And seeing as it’s 2020, and it’s time to remove the stigma from addiction treatment, our services in Kentucky are open to Pennsylvania residents looking for help. Right here in Kentucky, we have some amazing treatment facilities for you to make use of. Temporarily relocating to make use of them could be just the thing for you or your loved ones right now. 

Taking Control Over Your Addiction: Why a Kentucky Treatment Center Could Be Right for You

A Kentucky addiction treatment center could be right for you for a variety of reasons. After all, we know how hard it can be to become sober again when you’re surrounded by the people and places you love and who may have pushed you towards your addiction before now, and we aim to offer a safe and neutral space for you to recover in. 

Reaching out to a treatment center out of state could be just the thing to really give you the push you need to feel healthier and happier in your day-to-day life. If you’re worried about the unknown here, we have another benefit for you: we list the typical rules at a sober living facility for you to get to know, to ensure you’re not walking into your potential treatment program completely blind. 

Simply knowing what to expect ahead of time makes the entire process much less daunting, and we’re always on the end of the phone if you have any more questions about our facilities. 

The Programs That Could Be Beneficial to You

We know moving to seek treatment for addiction is a hard thing to face. Quite a few people would rather be at home, surrounded by familiarity, and look to reach sobriety on these terms. However, moving out of state for such reasons is very beneficial. 

There are more programs on offer in surrounding states, and if you’re a Pennsylvania resident on a waiting list somewhere, taking the power into your own hands by reaching out to our Kentucky center could be the first step on your road to recovery. 

And the programs we have on offer cater to all types of patients. As well as inpatient programs, we offer various outpatient programs, allowing patients the freedom to come and go. All we ask in return is a commitment to the programs, two of which are detailed below: 

Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment 

After an inpatient drug program is completed, our intensive outpatient services are the next step in your recovery process. Patients can work both in and out of the treatment center, to achieve independence in beating drug addiction and living life without it, while still checking in to our safe base, even if they’re not a Kentucky residents. It’s one of our core support programs, and if you wish to know more about the services involved, click the link above.

Partial Hospitalization for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

For any alcohol-related issues, this is an outpatient program that aims to give you a routine to follow to get back to life without needing a drink. If you’ve successfully completed an inpatient program, this is the program that follows up with you and ensures you have the support you need to achieve independence. Click through to the page linked above if you need any more details on this service. 

Finding the Understanding, Support, and Action You Need

If you’re looking for understanding in coping with your addiction, and the support you need to stay on track in beating it, as well as the action you really need from the people around you, our Kentucky addiction treatment locations are here for you. And here at the Robert Alexander Center, we know just how hard and beneficial it can be to relocate for these reasons. 

If you’re a Pennsylvania resident, we’re open to you right now. We thoroughly encourage you to consider the pros and cons of coming to Kentucky to get the help you need. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any more questions about what we offer, or how we can help anyone in surrounding states like Pennsylvania get the help they so thoroughly need and deserve. 

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