The fact you’re looking at this article means you’ve taken an extremely positive step in either seeking help for yourself, or help for a loved one. When looking for a local vs. out-of-state rehab, the first step is one of the hardest to take. It means you’ve acknowledged that there’s a problem and that you need help. It takes a lot of bravery to take that step. Now you’ve decided on getting help, you need to start putting the research in as to where you want to get it. There are quality centers all around the country but, one of the first questions you need to answer is whether you want to go out of state or stay local. Sometimes, you might not have much of a choice but, when you start looking you’ll see there are good reasons for both. 

Local vs. Out of State Rehab. Which one is Better?

The Pros of In-State Rehab

Staying in-state has good pros if you have a tight social circle. It means you can stay in contact with friends and family who are supporting you through your journey while also getting the specialist help you need. They can also get involved with any treatments suggested by the rehab center. They’ll know what you need and can help you along the way. In other situations, your insurance might prefer you stay in-state.

The Pros of Out Of State Rehab

Getting out of state has a multitude of pros. Most rehab specialists describe the recovery process as a road, you likely would have heard of the “road to recovery”. Going out of state is exactly that. The journey is what can prime your mind for what is ahead. If you’re too close to home, it’s hard to shift your mindset into the one required to really get over your addiction. 

What Suits You?

If you stay in-state, then you’re limiting yourself to the rehab center your state offers. If you’re open to going outside of it then you’ll have more places to choose from. These places might be financially more viable, or they may get better results. Finding what suits you is imperative. Some centers focus on holistic treatments, others focus on faith-based ones while some remain completely clinical. Everyone responds differently to each treatment so it’s worth considering what works best for you.

A Private Time

If you have a high-profile job, or if you’re not comfortable with discussing your rehab with friends and family getting out of state is the easily better option because it allows you anonymity. There’s less chance of being spotted by other people when you’re at rehab meaning you can keep the situation to yourself. The in-state center will likely have a confidentiality agreement, but they can’t stop people you know from seeing you at or around the location.

No Quick Trip Home

If you don’t like it and are in-state, it’s quite easy to escape and go home. This isn’t the case if you’re out of state. You’ll know your own mind better than anyone. If you think you’ll find it hard and want to quit, make it harder for yourself at the outset.

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